Great Frame Rate Debate

Ignore Part One and start with Part Two of this six-part WGBH discussion (which isn’t a “debate” but a power-point lecture or class) of frame rates, which of course is very timely with the very recent unveiling of Peter Jackson‘s The Hobbitt at 48 frames per second. The participants were moderator Bruce Jacobs, the renowned frame-rate pioneer Douglas Trumbull (who got things going with Super 70, later known as Showscan, back in the late ’70s), Mark Schubin and Larry Thorpe.

This discussion, which happened in Boston (or Cambridge) in early November 2010, has just been uploaded. It actually took place over two days (11.3 and 11.4).

  • Patrick Feerick

    Also, Harry Knowles interviewing Douglass Trumball about frames rates and poor projection standards:

  • MDOC

    It’s a great discussion, I’m just too distracted by Schubin’s pants to properly process the information presented.

  • lazarus

    Schu-bin’ wearing something else.

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    It’s a great discussion, I’m just too distracted by Schubin’s pants to properly process the information presented. 賀寶芙吃法

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    It’s a great discussion, I’m just too distracted by Schubin’s pants to properly process the information presented.

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