Medieval Prig Cuts Bait

Rick Santorum was looking at a fairly poor performance in the 4.24 Republican Presidential primary in his home state of Pennsylvania. So rather than suffer humiliation and be more or less shamed out of the race, he chose the face-saving gesture of quitting now. Bye!

17 thoughts on “Medieval Prig Cuts Bait

  1. Movie Watcher on said:

    Yeah, it’s over. Now it’s Romney non-stop. What a fucking waste.

  2. At least we can all stop worrying about the general election. Romney vs. Obama — does it really matter? They’re both Corporatists before they’re Republican or Democrat.

  3. I just noticed a New York Times story, saying Karl Rove’s American Crossroads “super Pac” with about $200 million in the bank, is now set to launch an anti-Obama advertising blitz. I guess the 2012 Romney versus Obama battle is already underway.

  4. Gee, I guess that means we can look forward to about 100 stories about Mitt Romney’s dog on this blog between now and election day.

  5. > moviesquad

    If I were ever of the mind to vote for Romney (which I’m not, and never would be), the dog incident would be a deal killer. Like most Wall Streeters, he has a complete lack of empathy for anyone or anything outside of himself.

  6. As opposed to the clean positive pro-Romney campaign that the conservative blogs will wage right Krillian?

    Game on.

  7. Gaydos: “deserves what they get, which is, ROYALLY SCREWED by a blueblood parasite of the first order:”

    As opposed to a guy who just employs blueblood parasites in his Cabinet?

  8. Rooting for Romney at this point must feel like rooting for the lone black guy in an 80′s-90′s horror movie.

    Don’t bet on it.

  9. lazarus: I’m not gonna bet on it, but he got this far, in spite of the Hillary and Palin rednecks, er, tea partiers, claiming they call the shots in elections.

  10. Oh, don’t get me wrong. Breitbart’s commenters are full of stuff pointed at that communist, marxist, socialist Kenyan terrorist-pal pick-your-own-ist Obama. But people need to stop justifying because “the other side’s worse.”

  11. I guess all Obama has to do now is show up.

    Wait. This is the country that voted George W. Bush as President not once, but twice. Anything goes.

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