Nothing To Say

The only thing going on is a 7 pm all-media screening of The Avengers on 42nd Street…that’s it. Which I’ll be late for if I don’t leave now.

How metrosexual do you have to be to even think about buying one of these jackets?

  • Mark

    I think you have to be Don Cheadle to pull off one of those jackets.

  • For some reason, I picture Mr. Peacock of Peacock magazine fame in the center get-up marching through the Plaza Hotel lobby with two of his cronies on either side — circa 1968.

  • Krillian

    So that’s why the terrorists hate us…

  • Ira Parks

    LEXG SAYS…Re: the last pic

    Let’s see, going to get a haircut, the most uncomfortable social experience known to man, what would make it even better? HAIRCUT AT A BAR. How do you know you can trust the scissors and smocks, and everything? Yeah, I’ll just hit up MICKEY O’BANNON’S bar to get the occasional haircut.


  • Ira Parks


    A secretary at my last job moonlighted at DRY BAR. She read numerology articles in COSMO at lunch, dated an actor whose last screen credit was MELROSE PLACE, etc. She liked motorcross for some reason. She got lost in Van Nuys once, I had to go get her at four in the morning. She thought Perot had been president since 2002. I still can’t walk past DRY BAR without thinking of Admiral Stockdale.

  • Luke Y. Thompson

    A jacket with a scantily clad woman drawn on it…and your first thought is that a metrosexual would buy it?

    The blue and the orange one, sure. But match with the right pants and I’d totally give that middle one a whirl. Will never afford it, though.

  • Zach

    “Wise men speak because they have something to say; fools because they have to say something.” – Plato

  • Ira Parks


    Lex: Reading skills aren’t your thing, I guess. Dry Bar isn’t an actual bar.

  • Eloi Wrath

    Ira: Think you could supply us with of a preview of Wells’ Avengers review?

  • Ira Parks

    ELOI: I bet there will be a Wells post on that tonight. That could easily be a 100 comments style event.

  • qdpsteve

    Fabulous! Those jackets will go great with my Gold Toe socks!

  • Ray

    “How metrosexual do you have to think about buying one of these jackets? ”

    Those are metrosexual, if by metrosexual you mean homosexual.

    Jeff could pull it off, though. That blue jacket would go GREAT with his yellow shoes.

  • Jesse Crall

    The middle jackets is just clownish. It’s the kind of thing a woman with zero taste would buy for her bland boyfriend in an effort to “glam him up.” You could sort of pull off the blue one if you went with white pants, really nice brown leather shoes, no socks, and it was 1970. The orange works only if, again, it’s 1970 and you’re partying with Edie Sedgwick and Ray Davies or something.

  • michael

    Does anyone have any clue as to why Whedon shot the Avengers in 1:85 flat? Every other Marvel film has been shot in Scope but their BIGGEST film is 1:85…..why? At my theatre, we’re doing the Marvel Marathon and all day they have the big wide screen and the we get to the last film…the one everyone has come to see and the screen get SMALLER. What the hell were they thinking?

  • Eloi Wrath

    “Does anyone have any clue as to why Whedon shot the Avengers in 1:85 flat?”

    Because according to the trailers and clips so far, the entire film takes place in a dark forest or a single NYC avenue, so they don’t need the extra scope.

  • /3rtfu11

    I like your shoes. The jeans are ashy and the socks are mix matched.

  • Tristan Eldritch2

    Avengers is pretty good for what it is. I figure Wells will give it a pass at the least.

  • DuluozGray

    Why does everyone bag on 1:85:1?

  • DiscoNap

    HAHA those are total Buck Swope jackets, Mark. But yeah I’m not sure how long Wells has been away- everyone is gay here now.

  • Travis Actiontree

    Jeffrey should be hanging out with this guy…

  • RoyBatty Returns

    Unless Wells comes back with an UNQUALIFIED rave, his will be just about the most useless review of this movie in the country. His wacky WDS (Whedon Derangement Syndrome) has been on full view for all to see for months in regards to this and CABIN/WOODS, so what will it matter if he tells us it sucks?

    I do have his WDS to thank for discovering that Glenn Kenny is an excellent indication if I might like a particular film, so when Glenn comes back and says that AVENGERS sucks donkey dicks I’ll have some actually useful information about whether to brave the crowds opening weekend what is predicted to be one of the top 5 grossers for the year.

  • fitz-hume

    It’s not a question of sexuality, it’s a question of age. If you’re young, hip and confident enough you can easily pull off wearing any of those three coats.

  • The Hey

    Joss prefers scope (he even filmed the Buffy Musical episode in 2.35:1 before networks had HD)

    Word has it Disney wanted 1.85:1.

  • Eloi Wrath

    Spielberg seems to prefer 1.85:1. I think it all depends on who’s behind the camera. There’s nothing inherently superior about 2.39:1.

  • /3rtfu11

    There’s nothing inherently superior about 2.39:1

    LexG and Michael Bay would disagree.

  • Eloi Wrath

    I think 1.85:1 has its bad reputation because every standard totally unvisual rom-com is filmed in that aspect ratio, because you can fit the characters in closer together and highlight the pretty actors. But Spielberg’s the obvious example of making it work for action and whatnot. Wasn’t even Saving Private Ryan done in 1.85:1?

  • Eloi Wrath

    Also, the best looking film of last year – The Tree of Life – was 1.85:1. But Malick’s previous two were 2.39:1, so I think it just depends on what’s the primary focus – the background or the characters.

    Disclaimer: I have never studied any aspect of cinematography, so I don’t really know what I am talking about at all.

  • /3rtfu11

    When I was a child I thought 2.35 was everything. Now that I’m a grown up I appreciate the aesthetics of spherical optics over the distortions that come with anamorphic.

  • Eloi Wrath

    Anyway, speaking of SCOPE, here’s the new Dark Knight Rises trailer. Delivers in spades:

  • JeffC

    Huh? From what I’ve seen and worked with the best anamorphic lens do not have spherical distortion.

    Eloi, I’m kind of shocked to learn TOF was in 1:85. I thought my theater was just shitting the bed when I saw it. Good to know.

  • qdpsteve

    1.66:1? 1.85:1? 2.35:1?

    Let’s just make the screen entirely circular (infinity:1) and be done with it.

  • Film Fanatic

    FYI, Blow Drying is hell on that canned bald-spot concealer spray.

  • Eloi Wrath

    JeffC: Yeah, there’s an interview with Lubezski where he discusses the reasons behind the change from The New World to The Tree of Life. Says he prefers scope but 1.85:1 worked for TOL.

    Just found it again, here you go:

  • JeffC

    Hah! Steve is right. Anyone with the balls to go 4:1 would get massive props across multiple discerning assholes.

  • TimDG

    Re: Spielberg…Minority Report was 2.35.
    I gather he used 1.85 for Jurassic Park and War of the Worlds to accommodate the height of the dinosaurs and war machines.

  • DiscoNap

    Why do we obsess over aspect ratio when composition is all that matters? I guess this is almost exactly what Eloi was saying, but still.

  • JeffC

    Eloi: Good article. Goes to show how often “brilliant artistic choices” are determined by practical considerations.

  • Eloi Wrath

    Disco: Spot-on; composition is the word I was looking for but failed to find. After all, it’s not like you go to the Met and debate the size of the artist’s canvas – it’s how he fills it that matters.

  • michael

    Eloi: I understand what you’re saying, and I do agree with you in principle, but as a projectionist I have to say that the enjoyment of a film in 2:35 or 1:85 depends greatly on wheather you are watching a screen that is side masking or top masking. There are some scope films I won’t watch on certain screens because they are top masking so scope looks like a compressed shite image and the oposite is true as well. I was just curious about Avengers because ALL the other marvel films have been scope and Avengers is flat. I was just wondering about the reasons.

  • Glenn Kenny

    Aren’t you guys concerned as to whether Jeff made the screening in time? Well, he did. I don’t think he liked the movie much, though. Surprised he hasn’t posted something by now.

    In case your wondering, we had a lively but civil chat on, well, framing.

    Too bad Lex isn’t around, he could rant about 1.85 being the hack’s ratio.

  • C.C. Baxter

    “The frame was composed for the 1.85:1 aspect ratio, a concept that was spearheaded by Whedon early on. Explains McGarvey, ‘Shooting 1.85:1 is kind of unusual for an epic film like this, but we needed the height in the screen to be able to frame in all the characters like Hulk, Captain America and Black Widow, who is much smaller. We had to give them all precedence and width within the frame. Also, Joss knew the final battle sequence was going to be this extravaganza in Manhattan, so the height and vertical scale of the buildings was going to be really important.’ “

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