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The high-impact finale of this morning’s Warner Bros. Cinemacon presentation was the screening of the 48 fps Hobbit footage, of course. But the second biggest hit was some 3D footage from Baz Luhrman‘s The Great Gatsby. I’ve been fearful of this all along, imagining that Luhrman would smother the Fitzgerald novel under the Bazzy bombast. But i what I saw felt curiously alive and its own bird — a high-style reboot of classic Fitzgerald that doesn’t feel (at least during the short time it took to screen) the least bit antiquated or borrowed or strained.

It’s a 1920s recreation that doesn’t try to do anything except make the characters and the story feel “right.”

The footage from Chris Nolan‘s The Dark Knight Rises (7.20) felt like good stuff — moody, bracing, handsome, tightly cut. But the only thing that really stood out for me is that you can hear what Bane is saying now. Tim Burton and Johnny Depp took a bow before an extended Dark Shadows reel. The footage from Adam Shankman‘s Rock Of Ages was exuberant and splashy as far as it went. Director Jay Roach introduced footage from The Campaign, a Congressional campaign comedy costarring Will Ferrell and Zach Galifianakis due in August — cleary a funny package.

For whatever reason WB honcho Jeff Robinov didn’t show footage or trailers or clips or a montage or anything from other 2012 titles like Argo, Magic Mike (why not?), Gangster Squad, Cloud Atlas and Gravity.

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  1. I don’t doubt the quality of the film, but the marketability will be an issue. As for Magic Mike, it’s not really a tentpole type of film, so it’s being treated as such.

  2. “Hello, Mr. Gatsby, my name is Jay Hatfield, and I’m calling from the Law Offices of Gurnsey and Schneider. I’m calling on behalf of Mr. Gurnsey, who’s in a meeting right now. He wanted me to call you and assure you that everything is moving forward with your case, and that all of the forms that need your signature are being put in the mail as we speak. You should have them by the end of the week. And then once you have signed the forms and returned them to this office we can get them on fire and wait for a response.”
    “You said your name is Jay.”
    “Yes, sir, my name is Jay Hatfield.”
    “That kind of sounds like my name, don’t you think.”
    “They are similar names, yes, when you say them out loud.”
    “Do you ever say your name not out loud?”
    “Pardon me, sir.”
    “I asked you if you ever say your name not out loud. Do you ever just say your name to yourself?”
    “I don’t know.”
    “I do. Sometimes I’ll say my name to myself. And I won’t even move my lips. Trust me, It’s harder than it sounds.”
    “Should I send the forms to your home address, Mr. Gatsby.”
    “So your name is Jay, too.”
    “Yes, sir. Jay Hatfield.”
    “I’m not going to call you Jay. How does that sound?”
    “I’m sorry.”
    “Stop acting like you don’t understand me. I said I’m not calling you Jay. My name is Jay. I’m not calling someone else my name.”
    “But sir, that’s my name.”
    “Not anymore. From now on your name is Pat.”
    “Yes, sir.”
    “Hold on, Pat, someone is asking me a question. What? Don’t touch it. It’ll come out on its own.”

  3. Given that it stars Channing Tatum frequently removing his clothing, along with the whole goofy male stripper angle, and that hilarious title, I kinda feel like Magic Mike might hit some sort of zeitgeist with middle-aged woman and gay men.

    Then they’ll see it and be bored to death, because that’s what happens to most people when they watch a Soderbergh film, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it opens huuuuge, thanks to the Sex and the City demo.

  4. Jeff, you should have gone to the Egyptian last week to see the 1940s version of “Gatsby” with Alan Ladd. The noir festival hosts said they got Universal to strike a new print, but that odds of it ever coming out on DVD are very, very slim, because of rights issues, so theatrical is the only way to see it. It’s not a great adaptation, and it has the worst Daisy Buchanan imaginable, but better than low expectations had led some to believe.

  5. I don’t doubt the quality of the film, but the marketability will be an issue. As for Magic Mike, it’s not really a tentpole type of film, so it’s being treated as such.

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