Berlin Beerheads

Drunken soccer fans stumbling around prior to today’s game between Dortmund BVB and Bayern Munchen. Dortmund was victorious, but I was too appalled by the alcoholic bellowing and carousing around to care.

Actual sign on Berlin street — not a joke.

HE reader and contributor Konstantin “Tino” Jochimsen, whom I met early this evening at Yuma Bar, Reuterstrasse 63 in Berlin-Neukolln (near U-Bahn Hermannplatz). He’s an avid movie scholar, knows his stuff cold, has read the Inside Llewyn Davis script, and cares enough about keeping abreast to plan an 18 hour round-trip to Paris over a forthcoming June weekend to see Prometheus and three other films that will be opening there (but not in Germany until August). Plus he’s a fan of Shawn Levy’s Paul Newman: A Life.

John F. Kennedyplatz at Rath-Schoenberg — site of JFK’s “Ich bin ein Berliner” speech in June 1963. It’s been called Kennedyplatz since 11.22.63 or thereabouts.

Angela Merkel’s days of power are numbered, the headline more or less says.

  • The Pope

    Jeff, around the globe soccer is tribal and from what your clip shows these fans are incredibly sedate. Especially considering Dortmund are top of the league and Bayern are second with only a few games left. This was, in effect, the season’s deciding match. So, they’re all very well behaved.

    If you found the alcoholic bellowing to be bothersome, believe me you don’t want to be anywhere near Poland/Ukraine for the European Championships this summer.

  • Ray

    Man I’ve seen BASEBALL fans crazier than that.

    And I’m not talking any Yankees-Red Sox insanity fests, I’m talking Orioles-Tampa Bay sleepovers.

    Like the Pope said, you ain’t seen nuthin’.

  • Eloi Wrath

    “Especially considering Dortmund are top of the league and Bayern are second with only a few games left. This was, in effect, the season’s deciding match.”

    Not quite – Dortmund have already won the league, this was the cup final. So they’ve won the double now.

  • Eloi Wrath

    And yeah, this is pretty much the most serene group of sports fans you’ll ever see. You’d see rowdier behavior in most bars on a Saturday night, with no sports connection whatsoever.

  • bluetide

    This was actually the German Cup Final, league play ended a week ago.

    But I totally agree that Jeff is being unnecessarily hard on the fans; incredibly polite and serene compared to the extremes of Euro soccer fans or US sports fans. This was the German equivalent of the Super Bowl and folks seemed to be just milling around, drinking and having a good time.

    One of the best times I ever had at a sporting event was a Danish Superliga soccer game a few years back. Next time I’m in Europe, checking out a soccer game is one of my top priorities.

  • bluetide


    Sorry I did not catch your post. Didn’t mean to be redundant.

    You a big Bundesliga fan? EPL is obviously easier to follow here but the Bundesliga seems to have much more parity, better atmosphere, and to be better run as a whole. If I could afford a premium sports package, I’d get it just to get the Bundesliga coverage on Goltv.

  • The Pope

    Apologies to one and all. I had thought that there were at least two games left. Inexplicably forgot that next week is the big one…. come on Bayern!

  • sakul

    As a German reader, it’s so funny to read hollywood-elsewhere reporting about things going on in Germany right now. Watched the game yesterday too, of course, and was disappointed as a Bayern fan.

    BTW, the headline doesn’t necessarily imply that Merkel’s days are numbered right now, but it wonders how long she will continue to be chancellor. When you read the article, it says that she is at the height of her power now, in Europe and in Germany, where she is more popular than ever (at the moment she is the most popular politician in Germany) — but the problem is that even if she is very popular, her party isn’t so much, and there are other partys who are becoming more and more successful in the federal states at the moment. It’s going to be interesting to see if she’ll be able to win the election again in 2013.

  • shawn

    Well, as a Chelsea fan of nearly 30 years standing, I have a different view on the UCL final from some of y’all. But the real reason I’m here is to commend the perspicacity of Tino Jochimsen and to thank Jeff for sharing this evidence of it. Extremely cool to see.

    Best to you both,


  • Dennis21

    The fans in these clips behave pretty well in my opinion. But I think general soccer fans in general behave pretty well compared to fans from different European countries. As a neutral soccer fan whose been to a few Bundesliga games I really enjoyed the atmosphere at German matches.

  • zeroilu

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