Master, Silver & Django

About 100 minutes ago roughly 40 Cannes journos were shown longish reels from three late ’12 Weinstein hot tamales — Paul Thomas Anderson‘s The Master (10.12), David O. Russell‘s The Silver Linings Playbook (11.21) and Quentin Tarantino‘s Django Unchained (12.25). A screening of No starts in 30 minutes so this has to be quick. Can’t-think, can’t-breathe quick. Okay, here goes…the clock is ticking.

The Master reel was exciting but it’s clearly going to be a complex, somewhat-out-there drama that doesn’t play the game. An “audience film” if the audience is filled with people like myself, Drew McWeeny, James Rocchi, Sasha Stone, Ira Parks, Anne Thompson and Pete Howell, but I don’t know about Joe Popcorn…but who knows? The sound was too loud. I couldn’t hear half the things that Phillip Seymour Hoffman was saying. The footage was longer and more varied than the currently-up teaser. Hoffman is clearly going to be the charismatic megalomaniac — confidence, swagger, drill-bit eyes. Joaquin Phoenix and Amy Adams , it appears, are going to fully alive and beating with the heart pump.

The Silver Linings Playbook looks fast and sharp — a raggedy-jazz comedy about caustic humor, family, sex, anxiety, therapy, hurt, healing…all of that. Directed and written by Russell, and adapted from the serio-comic novel by Matthew Quick. Agitated and lacking-in-people-skills Bradley Cooper falls in love with Jennifer Lawrence. It feels edgy and crackling and push-pushy and what-the-fucky. Robert De Niro, Julia Stiles, Jacki Weaver and Chris Tucker costar. Looks good for guys like me and Joe Popcorn, but we’ll see.

Django Unchained played the hottest of the three — big laughs, applause, whoops. Popcorn-plus entertainment in an old-Southern setting. Audacious attitude, swagger dialogue, fast gunplay and best of all, a former slave (Jamie Foxx) coming back to the plantation and whoopin’ on the overweight slave master who made his slave life hell. An audience film in spades. Can’t miss. Big money in all markets, thumbs-up reviews, the whole shot. That’s it, no more time.

  • Floyd Thursby

    I still say Leo’s a dead ringer for Orson.

  • Krillian

    Hm. IMDB lists Leo as 6’0′, Kerry Washington as 5’4.5″, and Jamie Foxx as 5’10”. Which one seems embellished?

  • scooterzz

    ‘An audience film in spades.’

    oh, no you din’t……

  • buck.swope

    goddamn, how hot does kerry washington look here?

    i read the silver lining playbook earlier this year and thought it sucked. am amazed they are making this into a movie. i’m stoked david o. is at the helm but a real head scratcher as to why he would choose this as his next project. having bradley cooper in the lead isn’t inspiring boatloads of confidence either. as any true movie catholic, will give benefit of doubt and give it a chance.

  • Ray

    “An audience film in spades. Can’t miss. Big money in all markets, thumbs-up reviews, the whole shot. That’s it, no more time.”

    But but but but JEFFREY WELLS TOLD ME I MUST HATE THIS MOVIE. Now he tells me I will love this???? WORLD. BLOWN.

    How fascinating that Jeff’s opinions on movies can change once he ACTUALLY SEES something, ANYTHING of said movies?

    It’s as if his initial uninformed opinions of movies made by certain people are MADE RIGHT OUT OF HIS ASS, or something. CRAZY I TELL YOU.

  • joe banks

    don’t forget, he’s an *overweight* slave master. much worse than the skinny racist slave masters

  • Jesse Crall

    Christ, if Wells is applauding the Django footage it must be a bloody masterpiece. Not that I’d expect any less from Tarantino and his cast.

  • Eddie Mars Attacks!

    Hey Ray,

    Ira Parks is upstairs banging your wife.

  • JLC

    I think you guys are misinterpreting Jeffrey’s Django impression. He’s not saying HE felt that way. He’s saying that’s the way it played with the crowd.

    Trust me, he’s going to hate it just as much as Inglorious Basterds.

  • adorian

    I’m getting excited thinking about being able to see these films next December or January.

    I want to see Lawless, despite Jeff’s negativity.

  • KitLatura1

    Ugh, Kerry Washington.

    Superficial, TV-level actress. Where does she get this “great directors” pass to swing from Boston Legal-level television to actual movies?

    Should’ve been Rihanna. At least she can act.

  • iamjoe

    Look at her!!

  • Krillian

    If John Ritter were still alive, QT would’ve used him in a movie by now.

  • Mark

    Kerry Washington is the black Angelina, only she’s never had a director strong enough to strip away the continuous and repellant self-awareness that she is being viewed. Maybe QT can break through to her.

    (BTW, if anyone counters my comparison by saying that Angelina has talent, I will correct them by revealing that no she doesn’t.)

  • KitLatura1

    I don’t know what this guy’s talking about re: Angelina…. Kerry Washington has ZERO charisma or star power, which Jolie has in droves.

    But he’s right about the distracting self-awareness with Washington, who is always ON, always seems grandiose and full of herself, when she’s an absolutely BORING actress. But she’s got tons of vapid tics that let on that NOBODY thinks more highly of her talent than she does.

    Plus she’s ANNOYING on Maher.

  • Glenn Kenny

    Clearly KitLatura1 is Lex, working through a reversal for the Ludovico Treatment.

  • KitLatura1

    Also for a guy who’s so into “feet,” Tarantino’s gratuitous foot shots are THE most unappealing thing in the world, ever… just horrible and embarrassing and unflattering shots of big feet splayed out with no artistry then big dumb closeups of them… and usually actresses who don’t have the most stunning feet to begin with (Uma, Rosario, Diane Kruger, etc….)


  • cyanic


    Tell Lex I love him so much.

  • DuluozGray

    I agree with Lex, Kerry Washington is the fucking worst, but she’s the “black flavor of the month.”

    She also has a very aggressive PR team that tries to put her everywhere even though she is a stone cold nobody.

  • arispil

    That Master teaser is awful. What is that supposed to be? A perfect example of over-acting and hamming it up? Not to mention boring and non-sensical.

  • mitchtaylor

    John Ritter is dead?

  • cyanic


    Your opinion is wrong.


    Your racist.

  • Rashad

    It is true, for someone that likes feet as much as QT, he picks the worst women to show them off.

  • DuluozGray

    cyanic – it’s you’re, not your. As in, you’re a fucking moron. Get it?

  • Ira Parks

    Even if Ratner was the director of THE MASTER, that teaser sold me, although I’d be there on release friday even if it starred Carrot Top and the Kardashians.

    That is some of the best lived-in, probably real life pain based acting I’ve ever seen out of Phoenix. He really looks bottomed out and unaware of what he’s done.

    And it’s a 70’s style vignette-ish trailer, rather than the usual soul killing format; thank God, more like that please.

  • Jesse Crall

    Phoenix’s little jaunt with that I’m Still Here bullshit overshadowed his immense talent, and The Master looks to be the film that brings his skills back to the forefront. He owned the screen in Two Lovers, a tough, muted role playing an awkward schnook that he injected some haunting intensity into. I’d love to see him do it again here and I think he will.

    As for Washington…is her role that significant? I’m holding off reading the script but I got the impression that Foxx and Waltz were the real centerpieces.

  • Ray

    Hey what did I miss? I was upstairs banging my wife.


  • George Prager

    Not sure why everyone is ragging on Kerry Washington. Yes, she’s no Beah Richards and Jayne Kennedy is too long in the tooth, but we’re talking about DJANGO UNCHAINED for Chrissake. Looks like QT made the best of a bad situation and got the star of a current prime time network TV Show instead of Dee from “What’s Happening.” We should all be so unlucky.
    I’m thinking that if THE PLAYERS CLUB came out this summer, everyone would be bitching and moaning about LisaRaye.

  • cyanic

    LisaRaye is the worst actress in known human history.

  • DuluozGray

    At least if they got Dee it’d be more realistic.

  • The Thing

    Silver Linings Play wasn’t a good book. Wasn’t horrible, but definitely not something I’d put the effort into converting into a film. Also, Bradley Cooper is nothing like the main character, and just doesn’t feel like he could ever be a depressed, crazy man who does nothing but work out. He’s too smiley, jokey, “please like me” kind of guy. After seeing him in The Avengers, I think Ruffalo could pull it off much better.

    Although I just might go to see Lawrence wear a leotard and prance around and shit.

  • George Prager

    If you want realism, then it should’ve been Chris O’Dowd, Dee and 50 Cent.

  • George Prager

    If they wanted Silver Linings Playbook to be realistic, they should’ve got Ralph Malph, Natalie from the Facts of Life and Screech.

  • xyh874210

    I think the movie expression of every hue of people about the understanding of life!

  • fengxiao

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  • Raising_Kaned

    Fair enough, Lex (re: QT actress feet), but counterexample A: Salma Hayek in FDTD.

    Counterexample B: Diane Kruger in IB.

  • Eddie Mars Attacks!

    Hey Fengxiao,

    Xyh874210 is upstairs banging your wife.

  • DeafEars

    The spam for a stun gun is weirdly appropriate.

    I’m happy as a pig in shit because at the end of the year we’ll have Tarantino AND PTA films in circulation for the first time since 1997. Granted, we may be living in a full-on police state by then (if we’re not already) but I’m trying to look on the bright side these days.

  • Durkin’s Garage

    THE MASTER teaser reminds me of the FULL METAL JACKET trailer. Similar music, cuts, etc.

  • Sasha Stone

    Yeah, I’m not getting the Kerry Washington hate being spewed forth here. Please at least tell me that women are posting those catty comments and not supposed men.

  • Jesse Crall

    “Please at least tell me that women are posting those catty comments and not supposed men.”

    Since H-E has the male/female ratio of a fantasy baseball team, I highly doubt it.

  • immature

    Nothing to do with her being female–it’s just that she’s the new “black flavor of the month,” that’s all.

  • George Prager

    Turns out DuluozGray’s real name is George Tierney of Greenville, South Carolina:!/geotie2323/status/200044174685384704

  • Ira Parks

    Just want to stand up for xyh874210 for a sec. This guy has been writing some Kael-level mini-essays lately, it’s just that they’re always in low comment threads and no one sees them.

    xyh874210, or x8, as his fans know him, knows his shit and definitely reads Edmund Wilson, you can just tell.

  • Ira Parks

    xyh874210 says…

    Would affect to thanks much in times of many good feelings!

  • Krillian

    I’ve only read the first 30 pages-ish of Django Unchained, and it’s all Foxx & Waltz thus far, Leo & Kerry’s parts haven’t arrived yet. I anticipate almost a Heart-of-Darkness journey to get to Candie-Land, but we’ll see. Will try to resist temptation to read the rest of the script.

    I don’t see how Kerry can be a “flavor of the month” when her recent movies are For Colored Girls, The Details and A Thousand Words. I did see one episode of Scandal, but it wasn’t good enough to warrant a second episode. I would think Kerry’s only getting the roles Zoe Saldana turns down.

  • Knative

    Yo. Ray was in 2004. That’s 8 years ago. She’s been the black flavor of an 8 year month. Also, why can’t Kerry Washington just be Kerry Washington? Why does she have to be the black anything? Shit, Angelina Jolie is the fucking white Josephine Baker.

  • nakedman

    DuluozGray just tries so, so hard to be daring.

    He could’ve left out “black” but he just craves attention that he clearly doesn’t get in the real world.

  • scooterzz

    just for reference, can we get a sidebar menu for folk like mike gilbert and george tierney…might make it easy to identify the players….

  • VicLaz2

    Sounds like Kerry Washington is being hated on for being “Uppity”…

  • Mark

    She’s just not an actress, because she’s much too conscious of how the camera is framing her every second and just how far her lips should be open to look most attractive when she bats her eyes.

    She could get away with not being an actress if she was at least a star, but she’s not, and I get the feeling that she would drown a hundred kittens to actually be one.

  • Mr. Buckles

    Holy crap, what did Kerry Washington do to you guys?

    First off, she is BEAUTIFUL… which is a plus. Shallow acting or not, I find it impossible to get seriously amped up about it especially in a film that sounds like it gets more fantastic as it goes along – subtlety does not sound like what is on the buffet.

    Secondly, don’t you think QT has EARNED your trust in his casting talent and choices.

    Good F-ing Lord.


    Kerry Washington is an outspoken Obama supporter so of course these losers have to come out and bash. Anyone who has seen The Dead Girl, Last King of Scotland, Lift or even I Think I Love My Wife knows there is a real and very talented actress in Kerry Washington.

  • nakedman

    I can’t speak for all the other haters, but Duluoz is an admitted and proud racist. That explains his opinion of Washington.

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    Yo. Ray was in 2004. That’s 8 years ago. She’s been the black flavor of an 8 year month. Also, why can’t Kerry Washington just be Kerry Washington? Why does she have to be the black anything? Shit, Angelina Jolie is the fucking white Josephine Baker.

  • torrren

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