Takes Her Time

I probably would have bought the Bluray of Kenneth Lonergan‘s Margaret (Fox Home Video, 7.10) for its own sake, but now it’s really essential with the 186-minute cut included with the 150-minute theatrical version. Which I want to see with as fresh an attitude as I can muster. The longer one, I mean.

Will Margaret‘s 186-minute cut acquire the status that Leone’s full-length cut of Once Upon A Time in America has? (Not to be confused with the four-hour-plus version that will show in Cannes in a few days’ time.)

  • DiscoNap

    Special 10th Anniversary Edition.

  • YND

    Fantastic news. One of the very best things I saw last year (and it was a hell of a good year). Can’t wait to see if the extended cut can somehow to improve on the shorter version. I hope Lonergan is finally feeling good about it.

  • HarryWarden

    Who actually buys movies anymore? Such a waste of space and money for something you’ll only watch a few times.

  • J E B

    Whoa, the legendary four hour cut of Once Upon a Time in America is going to premiere in Cannes? From what I’ve read, it exists, but there’s no usable soundtrack, so they’d need to get the cast back together for dubbing as well as commission an extended score from Ennio Morricone.

  • lazarus

    The four hour version is what’s currently on DVD and Blu-ray. The running time is at 230 min, just 10 minutes shy of four hrs.

    The version showing at Cannes this year is going to take it up to four and a half, roughly.

  • KitLatura1

    Wow, thanks for the info, Lazarus. Really cleared that up, Captain Literal.

  • Alboone

    I am genuinely interested in seeing this. Looks and feels like a 70’s throwback where character took center stage over plot.

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  • Robert Cashill

    MARGARET, at 150 minutes, is already exceptional. The studio-shortened version of AMERICA was always a disaster, and hasn’t been showcased in decades. At this point there’s only one AMERICA that that has been preserved and that matters; there’s no aura or magic about it, as there had been before it resurfaced.

  • Chris Willman

    From what I’ve been told, the extended cut will NOT be on the Blu-Ray… which is worth pointing out, and complaining about. There is one two-disc package, with the theatrical cut on a Blu-Ray and the extended cut on a DVD. Why? How much more could it have cost to do a high-def transfer of the long cut if you’re going to do a package like this to begin with? It seems like an F-U to the people who are most interested in this film. Was George Lucas involved somehow?

  • bluefugue

    >Who actually buys movies anymore? Such a waste of space and money for something you’ll only watch a few times.

    I actually buy movies anymore. It’s partly devotional (owning a copy of Citizen Kane or The Godfather is to me like having an edition of Shakespeare on my bookshelf), but I also like to rewatch movies multiple times, study individual scenes, share them with friends, etc.

    Someday streaming video may make it irrelevant, but we’re not there yet, either in terms of image quality or of licensing/distribution channels.

  • bluefugue

    >Such a waste of space

    It’s a shelf or two. You’re reaching.

  • Mark

    “Who actually buys movies anymore?…something you’ll only watch a few times”

    You apparently have no four-year olds in your inner circle. Now that every car has a TV in it, I’d say the average 6 year old has seen Ice Age 2 over 300 times. But sure, only parents and collectors buy DVDs now.

  • J E B

    Once Upon a Time in America was originally meant to be released as two separate films, so even the long version we have now is somewhat compromised. There’s supposed to be an hour or so of extra footage out there, but it was never dubbed (Leone shot much of OUaTiA with the idea of re-recording dialogue and sound effects later on)…is this the version that’s coming out at Cannes? Or did I misunderstand Jeffrey’s post?

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