Oscar Poker #82

15 hours ago Awards Daily‘s Sasha Stone, Goldderby.com‘s Tom O’Neil and I kicked the 2012 Oscar ball around. Our consensus: Les Miserables, Beasts of the Southern Wild and Lincoln in the Best Picture lead. And yet Tom and Sasha delivered some Lincoln pushback based on two factors: (a) Daniel Day Lewis‘s Lincoln might be too quirky or extreme in some way, and (b) director Steven Spielberg might Spielberg-ize it — he might not be able to muster the discipline to “get out of the way” and just let the material play on its own terms. Here’s a stand-alone mp3 link.

We screwed up the facts when we jumped into Hyde Park on Hudson, so you’ll notice that we repeat the introduction because we had to re-talk it and Sasha had to edit it in later.

  • Jesse Crall

    This was my favorite Oscar Poker so far because you guys were hashing it out about films with a real sense of anticipation as opposed to “Oh shit, we gotta talk about The Avengers…”

    One thing about Lincoln that gives me hope: Apparently, they’re focusing on a brief part of Lincoln’s life, when he assembles his cabinet and deals with opposition as a president. I’m thinking that the specificity should help it avoid the “Greatest Hits” tag that can knock some biopics down a peg.

    And Sasha’s cats sound like a thunderstorm. They must be Mouse-sized.

  • cyanic

    No actor has ever won an Oscar from a nomination directed by Steven Spielberg.

  • cyanic

    No actor has won an Oscar from a nomination directed by Spielberg.

  • evelyn garver

    Daniel Day-Lewis has never worked with Spielberg. As for the fears of a quirky and extreme portrayal, DDL’s reputation is based on doing what the character requires. I think this is nonsense. I certainly trust Sasha, but O’Neil has the ridiculous “slap the stud theory” and among his past predictions we have SWEENEY TODD for Best Picture and an absolute conviction that George Clooney would win for MICHAEL CLAYTON. O’Neil almost always errs on the side of the “movie star” and his or her her supposed popularity among the academy. How on earth did Day-Lewis get those 2 Oscars!?!

  • Thom Phoolery

    Has anyone ever won an Oscar from a nomination directed by Spielberg? Help me out. Does anybody know?

  • markus

    I think Streep will get nominated for August Osage County and win for August Osage County. I don’t see how she can lose for such a plum role with Harvey backing the film. Hepburn won back to back Oscars so I can see Meryl winning 2 Oscars in three years for dream project.

  • cyanic

    Julia Roberts will also campaign Best Actress as well, giving them a chance to make her a double winner or tie Streep to Hepburn.

  • cyanic

    Julia Roberts will also campaign Best Actress, giving them an option to make her a double winner or tie Streep to Hepburn.

  • Balthazar

    Am I the only one who thinks “DABNEY COLEMAN LIVES” every single time he scrolls past Harvey Keitel from Moonrise Kingdom in the Oscar Balloon?

  • http://jdurward.blogspot.com Jamie

    This year will be simple – A musical people have been waiting 30 years to see on the screen and the one man in Hollywood capable of performing the role to put it there: http://jdurward.blogspot.com/2012/05/i-believe-in-miracles.html

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