Color Existed Before 1935

As far as I can tell this shot of Joan Blondell, taken sometime in the early ’30s, is colorized. It seems that almost no color shots of movie stars were taken around this time, and certainly none in the ’20s. Perusing top-quality color snaps of the big stars of this era would be fascinating. But there are none of these apparently, and so these people seem to exist only in a silvery black-and-white cocoon. If anybody knows something I don’t, please advise.

15 thoughts on “Color Existed Before 1935

  1. First, Borgnine, our patron saint, dies, and now Fred Willard is arrested and fired for doing what a man has to do. Hoping Wells will speak out in support of onanists.

  2. It could well be an early Kodachrome shot. Those colored spotlights in the back blend into each other and that would be very difficult to fake back then.

  3. This is a colorized shot from an art department session for CONVENTION CITY (if memory serves). The original was most assuredly black and white; this just happens to be a nice colorization job.

    Blondell WAS photographed in color in 1931 by Harry Warnecke for the New York Daily News. Warnecke took photos for their Sunday supplement with a three-plate, three-color camera similar to three-strip Technicolor. These shots do survive.

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