Telluride, Venice, NYFF Spitball

The 2012 Toronto Film Festival (9.6 thru 9.16) has a lot of slots to fill, and will screen anything it can grab as long as the film has any kind of jaunty pedigree and is opening between late September and the mid fall. It’s also likely that almost everything shown at the Venice Film Festival (8.29 thru 9.8) and the Telluride Film Festival (8.31 thru 9.3) will play Toronto. It’s also likely that the New York Film Festival (9.28 thru 10.14), which begins 12 days after Toronto, will try to exclusively screen two or three biggies.

I don’t think anyone on my level is going to have anything figured out until early August, but let’s do some guessing. Not about Toronto, which is Walmart, but Telluride and New York. I can never figure out Venice.

Argo, The Master, To The Wonder, No, Cloud Atlas, On The Road, The Silver Linings Playbook, Amour, Killing Them Softly, The Place Beyond The Pines, Only God Forgives, All You Need Is Love…probably all of these. 12 in all. Venice, NY, Telluride…all over.

I could see Joe Wright‘s Anna Karenina (Focus, 9.7) playing Venice but not Telluride, which ends only four days before Karenina opens. Doesn’t Telluride usually want more breathing room?

I know nothing about Trouble With The Curve (Warner Bros., 9.28), a Clint Eastwood baseball-scout drama in the vein of Million Dollar Baby and Gran Torino, but I wouldn’t mind if it played Telluride. A touch too sentimental? Outside of Telluride’s aesthetic turf? Maybe. But if Telluride can show Butter, they can show Trouble With The Curve.

If I was New York Film Festival honcho Scott Foundas I would try to show Roger Michell‘s Hyde Park on Hudson (Focus, 12.7), a natural for the NYFF with its upper New York State setting and historical ties to Franklin D. Roosevelt (Bill Murray), who served as Governor of New York State from ’29 to ’32. I would also try to land Robert Zemeckis‘s Flight (Paramount, 11.2), a “commercial” drama with a great trailer (which is all anyone knows at this point) with Denzel Washington on top.

I’m betting that Martin McDonagh‘s Seven Pyschopaths will turn up at Toronto, but…who knows?

End of the year, out of the picture: Lincoln, Les Miserables, The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, Zero Dark Thirty, This Is Forty, Django Unchained, The Great Gatsby, Life of Pi.

What am I missing?

16 thoughts on “Telluride, Venice, NYFF Spitball

  1. pchu on said:

    Wouldn’t be too surprised to see Zero Dark Thirty in Toronto, Bigelow’s last film The Hurt Locker launched and sold in Toronto, was the talk of the festival. It may go back there again, depending if it’s finished in time.

    Wells to pchu: It won’t be ready in time for the early fall festivals.

  2. Brian De Palma’s PASSION has been mentioned as a Venice possibility.

    Wells to C.C. Baxter: A Venice doodle.

  3. Just because a big mainstream film has a late-year/December release date doesn’t automatically exclude it from any or all of the fall festivals. I don’t necessarily have a boatload of examples, but that’s because I don’t hit these every year.

    I do know for a fact that the last time I went to TIFF I saw Black Swan, though.

  4. Jeff, count on “Hyde Park” playing Telluride. Linney is, for all intents and purposes, a local and director Roger Michell has a track record there. (Venus “07, Enduring Love “04 and Persuasion “95).

  5. I’m gonna make a wild stab in the dark that Life of Pi will premiere at Rome — the festival begins a couple of weeks before the U.S. opening and Marco Mueller (the festival’s new director) was top dog at Venice when Lee won for Brokeback Mountain and Lust, Caution. Wouldn’t be surprised to see Zero Dark Thirty there as well. Django‘s been mentioned as a possibility, which would be such a coup for Mueller I find it a bit too optimistic.

  6. That said, the FilmNation source says the film is completed and it’s just the lack of distributor which is holding is back, so surely a festival appearance would help speed that along? Isn’t that half of what festivals are for? Putting things out in the marketplace?

  7. Which is exactly what the problem is. They already screened footage to potential distributors at Cannes to the consensus that “if the box office results for The Tree of Life were bad, how the fuck am I going to market this?”

  8. Italian paper La Repubblica is claiming the Malick will be in Venice — though I wouldn’t stake my life on it.

    Pchu: The Hurt Locker premiered at Venice, actually. People seem to forget that.

  9. James Gray’s LOWLIFE is just about finished, and likely to show if not at Venice or Telluride then certainly Toronto, right?

  10. And don’t be counting out Coen Bros’ new offering Inside Llewyn Davis. They’re fast cutters, and I’m sure it’ll be finished

  11. It has already been reported in Israeli press that FILL THE VOID by Rama Burstein will be in the official competition in Venice. Winning an award for it’s breathtaking cinematography seems imminent. I’m quite certain it will then become the most visible Israeli feature in the upcoming awards and festival season – getting picked up by SPC, and then on to Toronto and Sundance (it’s a Sundance Lab project). Ms. Burstein, with her debut feature, will definitely become a hot topic in international press being the first Hassidic female filmmaker to direct a feature (to be shown to the general public. There a many Hassidic filmmakers in recent years that direct films that are to be shown only within their communities). Add to that the fact that film is absolutely gorgeous and moving – imagine Wong Kar Wai directing In The Mood For Love about the Jewish ultra-orthodox community in Tel Aviv – and you have a major cinematic event on the horizon.

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