To Stuff A Shirt…Or Not

For whatever reason I didn’t pay much attention to this trailer for Roger Michell‘s Hyde Park on Hudson (Focus, 12.7) when it posted six or seven weeks ago. I don’t know what the film will finally feel like, but the trailer suggests a jaunty, slightly comedic attitude. It feels broad. And I’m not quite sure about Bill Murray‘s grasp of Franklin D. Roosevelt‘s voice — it feels off. I don’t know. I want to like it. I hope the film is better than it seems.

I know, I know — Laura Linney for Best Actress! But I’m also looking forward to Olivia Williams‘ performance as Eleanor.

14 thoughts on “To Stuff A Shirt…Or Not

  1. I get a “Here’s one for the old folks” kind of vibe, but it should be a pleasant watch. Great cast, of course.

  2. God in heaven, this looks appalling. Murray is more than just “off”- the performance seems to be an insult not just to the memory FDR but to the art of acting itself. It seems as though not an ounce of research went into his portrayal.

    In any case, anybody who is playing a real President the same year Daniel Day Lewis is playing one is asking for trouble.

  3. toured FDR’s home in Hyde Park a few years ago and heard this exact story. The car FDR. drove the King and Queen in is on display. Interesting gadget in the car would dispense cigaretts already lit. The story about serving the king and Queen hot dogs absolutly true. Also visited the home of his cousin and mistress. Interesting marraige that.

  4. Basically, the interesting thing about this is that Bill Murray is playing FDR. Not the obvious choice, either for the movie or the actor.

    And, it will be a chance to see Murray in a role that isn’t super deadpan/depressive.

    Who knows if it will work. . .

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  6. Why can’t Colin Firth always play George VI? Did we learn nothing from the Ray Nicolette post?

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