But he hasn’t fulfilled my ’08 dreams. I want my dreams to come true. And it’s not my responsibility to make that happen, by the way. That’s his job. Don’t look at me. I’ve got enough aggravation.

  • Discman

    Newsflash: There’s not just one “he” running for president. David’s leanings are well known, but this message strikes me as nonpartisan and, frankly, commendable.

    But again, it’s for those who realize there’s more than once choice in this election. So Jeffrey’s out.

  • Kakihara

    Like I said, it’s no longer your problem, Wells. It’s up to the swing states to save Obama’s ass now. So save yourself from being called up for jury duty within a year. I know. If our system of voting wasn’t so fucking antiquated, our state would count more than the redneck ones, but that’s just not the case.

  • Kakihara

    I do like how, in Nevada, a judge actually forced voters to be denied an option to vote for “nobody”, when both candidates sucked.

  • T. J. Kong

    Why do I get the feeling that these people showed up in Larry David’s office un- or semi-announced? And that Larry really didn’t have time for this shit, but the guy with the camera was a friend’s brother’s son? So he riffed for 20 seconds on some throw-away material and told them to get out?

  • Ghost of Kazan

    George Carlin thinks Larry David is hopelessly naive.

    Well, his ghost does anyway.

  • Los Bostonian

    The video seems rushed and slightly odd. I know Carlin is beloved and was a huge force for 20-30 years, but David will go down as the most successful comic voice of the last 20 years. Find me any writer with a successful comic run as long David from 1991-2011 between Seinfeld and Curb. Man is a genius.

  • Josh Massey

    I’m guessing Larry David knew exactly how many minds this would sway, and gave it that same amount of energy.

  • Luke Y. Thompson

    Jury duty summons isn’t just based on voting any more. They also use DMV listings. So better not get a car if that’s your game.

  • Jack Razor

    Hey Larry, I have the freedom to do what I want.

  • Kakihara

    Luke: They only check your DMV stuff if you renew your license or ID. Unfortunately, I’m due for next year.

    Anyway, keep it classy, GOP.

  • Raising_Kaned

    You have a driver’s license, Danny???

  • Rev. Slappy

    I couldn’t agree more with Los Bostonian’s assessment of Mr. David’s work.I just recently re-watched the table read episode from the Seinfeld reunion season of Curb. There are more hug laughs in that half hour than any feature film comedy I’ve seen in several years. “PS, your cunt is in the sink.”

  • Kakihara

    Raising: Uh, yeah, for over 15 years now.

  • Kakihara

    You can’t *survive* L.A. without a car. That’s one reason I hate it here. And the car is almost as old as my first license, to boot.

  • JoeTanto

    I love LD but going back to ROCK THE VOTE and probably even before, you know anytime, ANYTIME someone is telling you TO VOTE!, they’re really saying VOTE DEMOCRAT.

    Some chick with Oregon plates parks on my street sometimes with a bumper sticker that says VOTE DAMMIT! You can pretty much guarantee that ain’t telling anybody to go vote for some nice supply-side economics and white-haired old stuffy assholes. It’s a call to arms to vote for the EVER-SO-HIP Democrats, who are invariably JUST AS FUCKING DORKY as the Republicans.

    Ain’t like any fat huckleberry hayseed Rush listening shitkicker in Missouri is gonna FORGET TO VOTE, but you know goddamn well 90% of newly registered Democrats will probably find something better to do on election day.

  • JoeTanto

    Also: NOBODY’S individual vote “COUNTS.” Voting is A TOTAL WASTE OF TIME. Especially if you’re a California resident.

    What, your ONE EXTRA VOTE FOR STRAIGHT-TICKET DEMOCRAT is gonna seal the deal?

    Anyone who lives in CA and votes is a TOTAL CHUMP.

  • Kakihara

    Voting matters on local issues, at least.

  • JoeTanto

    Who really cares about “local matters”?

    I honestly don’t care about ANYTHING THAT DOESN’T AFFECT ME. At all, ever. Even some hot-button shit, like I don’t really relate when I see some beardo MovieBob Faraci type getting bent out of shape…. It probably doesn’t affect you, why do you care? And if you’re talking about REALLY localized, small-time community shit, I definitely couldn’t be tasked to give a fuck.

    Only things that would EVER make me give a shit are:

    1) Legalizing and regulating safe prostitution.

    2) Banning jury duty under the grounds that it is in effect slavery.

    Otherwise, I’ll be home watching TV.

  • JoeTanto

    Also as long as I’m MAKING GREAT SALIENT POINTS:

    They always throw up this “People in other parts of the globe fight and die for the RIGHT TO VOTE, YOU HAVE IT, DON’T SQUANDER IT.”

    Like, I’m all sad for them and all, but who wants or CARES about THE RIGHT TO VOTE? If I lived in some backwards repressive poor violence war-torn country, yeah, ROLLING INTO THE POLLS LIKE AN OLD FUCK and casting a VOTE would be about 10000000000th on the list of shit that I wished I could do.

    Also I live in AMERICA, and it’s not like by NOT VOTING I’m risking some violent fucking regime coming in and slaughtering my neighborhood.

    The RIGHT TO VOTE doesn’t mean fuck here, because we’re not in any danger of an oppressive dictatorship anytime soon. Wow, ROMNEY OR OBAMA, wow, our lives would be so dramatically DIFFERENT under one of those guys vs the other.

    Other than gasbags on both side never shutting up about whoever’s in power they don’t like, nothing changes. DON’T VOTE.

  • Kakihara

    I did have to vote against a proposition which would’ve rescinded rent control, but yeah, those are one in a million.

  • JLC

    The Deez is (at least) 31??? In the words of Slim Pickens, I am depressed.

  • Kakihara

    I’m actually almost 33.

  • Floyd Thursby

    Forget Lincoln-Douglas, remember the Lex-DZ debate.

  • Ghost072

    Floyd for the win. Lex, I usually love your rants (even the ones about your pathetic inability to get laid), but your views on politics are exactly why we are in the situation we are in right now. Between your apathy and voter suppression efforts of the right, we are as far away from that dictatorship you think can’t ever happen here.

  • Ghost072

    Damn it…we are not that far away from that dictatorship. Would’ve been clunky even if I’d typed it correctly.

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