The Sapphires director Wayne Blair at yesterday’s Telluride Film Festival patron picnic. A healthy portion of his film, which I caught in Cannes, “is cool, snappy, rousing, well-cut and enormously likable,” I said on 5.20. “And dancable.”

(l. to r.) Also at yesterday’s brunch: Ezra Scott, N.Y. Times critic A.O. Scott, Focus Features honcho James Schamus, Indiewire‘s Anne Thompson.

7 thoughts on “Clean-Ups

  1. The movies playing at Telluride aren’t convincing me I need to attend as much as the pictures of nature you’re posting, Jeff.

  2. Telluride is a classy fest, so this doesn’t bring me any pleasure to bust them on this, but that creek from pic #7? If Wells had gone wider on the shot you would see that there are more rocks that spell SHOW ME THE MONEY. It’s just not cool. Doesn’t feel right. Other than that, the fest is a carefully cultivated, true blue film buff haven, but that was not a good landscaping choice.

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