• Manitoba

    Are there not some surviving production stills of the famous pie-fight scene? I also wonder if Kubrick burned all evicence of the fact that Peter Sellers started the role of the B-52 pilot eventually played by Slim Pickens? Sellers had to withdraw after an on-set accident. I once caught an interview with actor and cast member Shane Rimmer (Captain Ace Owens) during which he explained how Sellers got so mad at Kubrick that he did something stupid and fell out of the B-52 mock-up set.

  • MarkJ

    Brilliant piece Jeff, I could have listened to Modine talk about Kubrick for hours. Really nice to hear that they kept in touch afterwards and spent many hours on the phone together, and that Modine and his wife visited the Kubricks in St Albans. Have to finally pick up the physical book and look into the app, both look superb.

  • Manitoba

    Sorry, that should be evidence not evicence.

  • JLC

    Kubrick also destroyed all the sets and models from 2001, reportedly because he didn’t want the studio to reuse them in later inferior projects, such as happened to Robby the Robot.

    When Peter Hyams made 2010, his production team had to remake all the Discovery stuff from scratch, using blueprints and production stills from 2001.

  • Mark

    Less fun for us, but usually smart for directors to not pull back the curtain and reveal all the gears, as well as learning that the final product is almost always the result of original intentions not panning out as planned. Mythmaking 101.

    PTA learned this after The Boogie Nights commentaries, though I still want to see the gag reel of DDL cracking up during the ‘bastard from a basket’ scene.

  • Mr. F.

    “Are there not some surviving production stills of the famous pie-fight scene?”

    Manitoba: search in Google images for “Strangelove pie fight.”

    (Not trying to be a smart-ass — I did that myself to copy and paste a link to what I figured would be the one or two photos… but there look to be over a dozen.)

  • reverent and free

    Jan Harlan has said he has a copy of the scene. And the author of Mr. Strangelove has claimed to have viewed an existing print of it in London.

    Yes, there are many many stills of the scene including color photos that have popped up in books and sites over the years.

  • Paul

    Increasingly, I’m of the opinion that one shouldn’t include deleted scenes/not pulling back the curtain (at least not too far). Ridley Scott’s films in particular frustrate me. There’s a few in Gladiator that rankle me now because I felt strongly the deleted scenes should have been kept, one in particular that lays out the context for the “are you not entertained?” scene and the one after between Maximus and Proximo.

  • Carl LaFong

    Photographic evidence of the final fate of the 2001 space station: http://www.visual-memory.co.uk/faq/html/spacestation.html

  • Mr. Blue
  • Travis Actiontree

    Looks like y’all will have to gear up your “Clint’s totally lost it” posts when Jeffrey writes his “Clint Makes Nobody’s Day” piece later.

    Carl…. creepy pics. Thanks.

  • Travis Actiontree

    Mr. Blue….. awesome!

  • Carl LaFong

    Glad you enjoyed the pix, Travis. Here are the accompanying notes by a bloke named Trevor Parsons:

    I was at college in Stevenage (about 15 miles away from St Albans in the early 1970’s). Our studio, we were studying graphic art, faced the entrance to the local corporation dump. One afternoon in 1974 a truck turned up after the dump was closed & left some crates in the entrance way. They contained 2 of the models used in 2001, the space wheel & one of the pods. Of course they may not have been the only ones but I believe they were genuine (the film had been made about 20 miles away at Boreham Wood the old MGM studios). By the time I got there the pod had been taken, the space wheel damaged & taken out its wooden case. I took pictures of it, its surface had been covered with bits of old plastic construction kits to make it look more technical when filmed. I desperately wanted to take it home, but I only had a motor bike & a room 8 feet by 10 so it was not really workable. It was smashed up by kids a few days later.

  • JD

    The Harvey Keitel rumor is blatantly false. (1) In the movie as we now know it, when did Pollack have anything like that moment with Kidman? (2) The guy who started the rumor explains how/why he made it up here:


  • Bob Violence

    Are there not some surviving production stills of the famous pie-fight scene?

    It’s not just stills — the pie fight sequence survives on film in the archives of the British Film Institute. They screened it at a National Film Theatre tribute in 1999, but were told by the Kubrick estate not to that again. Ken Adam says he watched it with an unnamed Kubrick biographer, so it may be accessible to researchers.

  • Bob Violence

    (I see from reverent and free’s post that the biographer was presumably Ed Sikov. Between him and Adam that’s two people who claim to have seen it since the turn of the century or thereabouts, so it’s pretty safe to believe it.)

  • BobbyLupo

    I was just thinking about that Keitel thing recently. I think that Keitel just doesn’t put up with a lot of bullshit and drawn out shooting. After all, the other job we know he lost somehow is Willard in ‘Apocalypse Now’, another shoot plagued with delays. I suspect he just wants to get to work and then get out.