Telluride Patron’s Brunch

Argo director-costar Ben Affleck, Hollywood Reporter critic Todd McCarthy — Friday, 11:40 am.

Frances Ha star/cowriter Greta Gerwig, director/cowriter Noah Baumbach — Friday, 11:55 am.

Leonard Maltin, Alexander Payne.

19 thoughts on “Telluride Patron’s Brunch

  1. A personal friend needs to warn Alexander Payne that his look is getting pretty close to man/woman with his feathery hair and the tinted lenses. Throw in a nice colorful shoulder bag and he is pretty much there.

  2. I’ll take Chloe over whoever this girl is anyday. Man, Affleck has gotten even better looking as he’s gotten older. His filmmaking just adds to his sexiness.

  3. How does Mallick get people to invest in his films? Obviously it’s people who don’t care about or need the mongy.

  4. Nice snaps.

    Can we get a hairline analysis of Affleck from Lex? Looks like he’s had some plug work done but looks damn good.

  5. I don’t recognize Gerwig at all in this photo – anybody else have the same reaction? She doesn;t look like the Gerwig I see in the movies. Any possibility this is someone else? Maybe it is the sunglasses…

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