Master Mash

P.T. Anderson prefers to think of his Master characters as unrequited lovers, which results in a subtle, homoerotic tension that is triangulated in the film by the presence of Dodd’s loyal, steely wife,” etc. Okay, fine but why the horizontal taffy-pull distortion? Never mess with correct proportionality, ever. And no milkshakes.

  • Captain EO

    Read a review that makes this out to be a thinly-veiled jab at Scientology in particular, and a study of cult-of-personality religious leaders in general…on my short list to see at the local arty theater.

  • Rashad

    Every time there seems to be a close relationship between men in movies, dweebs always try to twist into some homo love thing. Give it a rest.

  • jackseo
  • Ricardo

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