Frankenstorm is At Least Partly Republican-Fed

Some meteorologists believe there is a clear relationship between Frankenstorm and reduced Arctic sea ice caused by human-driven climate change. In plainer reductionist language, the proponents of climate-change denial, which are largely collected under the Republican umbrella, are not wholly responsible but are almost certainly partly responsible for the Hurricane Sandy catastrophe now unfolding.

Here is an opinion from Jennifer Francis of Rutgers, as passed along in a 10.28 N.Y. Times piece by Dot Earth‘s Andrew Revkin:

“It could very well be that general warming along with high sea-surface temperatures have lengthened the tropical storm season, making it more likely that a Sandy could form, travel so far north, and have an opportunity to interact with a deep jet-stream trough associated with the strong block, which is steering it westward into the mid-Atlantic,” Francis writes.

“While it’s impossible to say how this scenario might have unfolded if sea-ice had been as extensive as it was in the 1980s, the situation at hand is completely consistent with what I’d expect to see happen more often as a result of unabated warming and especially the amplification of that warming in the Arctic. Losing ice, reducing the poleward temperature gradient, and warming the entire climate system should contribute to increasing the likelihood of anomalous storms.”

  • MooType

    Yeah, fascinating. Did you hear all that from Nobel Prize-winning climatologist Michael Mann, after he lied to you about his Nobel Prize? You know, there’s a film director named Michael Mann–and, speaking of film directors, there’s a guy who made a crappy little film who’s sitting in jail right now until after the election as part of a cover-up of how Obama bungled the situation in Benghazi. Kind of weird that hasn’t come up on a film site. But then, why support crappy little filmmakers who might embarrass the Great Leader?

  • Redbeard

    Riiiight, Moo…. that guy isn’t in prison because he violated his parole or anything…. it just HAS to be a government cover-up…. Moron.

  • moviesquad

    I imagine those of us reading this blog are most responsible for hurricane Sandy.

    Think of all the electricity used to power the computers and servers that this blog has to route through.

    Think of all the needless flights that film bloggers take to go to festivals just to watch pointless movies so they can report back and entertain us.

    Think of all the wasted energy expended on big budget (and small budget movies) including the creation of entirely fictional towns that are then destroyed after the production is over just so we can get a couple of hours of entertainment.

    Think of the tremendous waste of precious resources generated by the actors and directors of these films once they spend their huge paychecks: multiple mansions on huge plots of land each with several luxury cars, private jets, and lavishly wasteful parties.

    And on top of all this, most of us probably drive to the theaters to see these films.

    All this waste and subsequent ice cap melting just so we can be entertained.

    I’m ashamed for all of us.

  • MooType

    Yeah, people are always put away for months for parole violations after a US Ambassador makes the talk show rounds blaming a video for causing riots before the White House has to admit that the video didn’t have anything to do with it. You have to be a real idiot to pretend there’s anything like paranoia behind the simple facts of Benghazi. Of course, someone like Redbeard is really just delusional enough to think there’s some kind of intellectual superiority in being an Obama supporter. He’ll save his proud skepticism and questioning authority for some other time.

  • MooType

    And moviesquad, I can assure you that your lifestyle hasn’t changed much of anything on the planet. Of course, my apologies if you were just doing a Sasha Stone impersonation for laffs. In that case, right on.

  • Mr. F.

    “…the Hurricane Sandy catastrophe now unfolding.”

    I’m confused. A few days ago this was just “bad weather.” It would be a “thrill” to experience. The kind that made anyone who worried about it a wimp. Also the usual storm that “weather experts and news orgs always overhype.”

    So now it’s a “catastrophe” and people SHOULD be worried?!

  • PastePotPete

    I enjoy how Sasha Stone has become a sort of straw man liberal for the right wing posters around here. How bizarre.

  • SpinDozer

    Love these asinine charges get thrown around by the denialist blog-o-sphere.

    “The Chairman of the IPCC, Dr. Rajendra Pachauri, sent a letter to the lead authors of this year’s reports, remarking, “I have been stunned in a pleasant way with the news of the award of the Nobel Peace Prize for the IPCC. This makes each of you a Nobel Laureate and it is my privilege to acknowledge this honour on your behalf… The fact that the IPCC has earned the recognition that this award embodies, is really a tribute to your knowledge, hard work and application.”

  • MooType

    I love how simpering idiots will embrace their delusional ways in the service of a dolt like Michael Mann. Check out how many members there were in the IPCC, and quit being a partisan groupie long enough to realize how laughable it is for Michael Mann to call himself a Nobel Prize winner.

  • Raising_Kaned

    Well, ain’t this place just a barrel of fuckin’ laughs this Monday afternoon? Yeesh.

    Anyone want to talk about the REAL news of the weekend — the release of the much-anticipated Silent Hill: Revelation 3D (kidding, of course…although I did really dig its atmosphere).

    Anyway — what Mr. F said. Tough to take anyone seriously whose point-of-view is in constant flux in order to best serve the angles of their political tribalism. Pretty offensive behavior, that.

  • Jeffrey Wells

    I’m sick of unstable blathering fiends like Moo Type. I dont want his bullshit cluttering up the airwaves while I’ve raised a legitimate point, which is that climate-change deniers on the right are at least partly responsibly for Frankenstorm. Either Moo Type voluntarily withdraws from the conversation or I take him out with a bullet right now. I won’t provide a forum for the spewing of right-wing insanity.

  • MooType

    Well, you can certainly take me out, Jeff–even if I voted for Obama in 2004, and proudly support gay marriage, among a lot of other positions that likely keep me from meeting your standards of right-wing insanity. In fact, I think it’s pretty left-wing of me to be pissed off at my President for using a filmmaker (even a crappy one) as a scapegoat for a diplomatic disaster.

  • Glenn Kenny

    It’s not as bad as a thread on Big Hollywood, but it’s true: more often than not nowadays when Jeff puts up a political thread he gets more pushback than amen-corner. Of course you aren’t a real liberal anyway so you might as well just go over to Darth’s side…

  • Anony-mouse

    Yeah, well, I read that Hurricane Sandy was created by the Secret White House Czars (nee Reptoids) and their weather controlling apparatus HAARP as to provide a heroic moment for Obama as an October Surprise. Thats a legitimate point, too.

  • Floyd Thursby

    It’s awful damn windy out there.

  • GeorgePrager


  • Travis Actiontree

    I’d watch the above video clip but I really can’t stand mimes.

  • MooType

    Hmmm… Well, I certainly didn’t vote for Obama in 2004. It was 2008, of course. I must have typed the year wrong because my hands were trembling at Jeff’s threat of violence. Why must he use the kind of harsh rhetoric that lead to the shooting of Gabrielle Giffords? Anyway, don’t tell Jeff who I did vote for back in 2004. It would only confuse him more.

  • SpinDozer

    If your hands were trembling due to Jeff’s threat of violence then you’re an even bigger idiot than previously believed, and THAT is saying something.

  • MooType

    SpinDozer WTF. Just don’t tell him what he won.

  • Abbey Normal

    (reposting from a different thread, because I’m bored and it seems more relevant here anyway)

    The right loves their disconnected theories, I swear. Whether it’s standing squarely against teaching sex education in public schools even though studies show it reduces abortion rates, or denying climate change while trying to eliminate federal spending on disaster relief, you can always count on demonstrably stupid policy positions. Why? Because like Sandy is a Frankenstorm, modern Republicanism is a Frankenparty, made up of wildly disparate parts (rich, hardcore profiteers; wayward libertarians; evangelicals; gun nuts; racists; etc), and thus prone to gurgling up the most destructive, inconsistent, whack-job policies imaginable.

  • otto

    Oh my god, moo type, you’re a demonstrably ignorant fuck.

    Claiming that the White House “bungled the sitatuon” in Libya illustrates that you have absolutely no understanding of the interworkings of the State Department, its relation to the White House, or intelligence assimilation. You’re parroting the pablum of others who are straining to find a political issue to latch onto.

    Put another way, if you made these statements anywhere but the safe confines of your suburban basement, no one would take you seriously. Who cares who you voted for? Your statements reflect a profound ignorance of the world.

  • ghost of a ghost


    “I hate you.”

  • MooType

    Otto, I’ve worked out of various “basements” that have probably hosted plenty of your intellectual idols. Of course, it’s simply sad (or hilarious) to see another person at this site flash their HE credentials to claim that they have a real understanding of “the interworkings of the State Department, blah, blah, blah.” Oliver Stone has made the news today with his own complaints about Libya. Is he suddenly now just a cranky old fool who doesn’t properly appreciate Obama?

  • Kamal Sarik