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MSN’s Glenn Kenny and I played catch a couple of hours ago for Oscar Poker #97. Glenn had just returned from this morning’s NY Film Festival press screening of Robert ZemeckisFlight so we naturally got into that. And then we uncorked the Wells-Kenny grievance issues. It was clear, as always, that the pointed thrusts and abrasive scorn that occasionally color the back and forth on HE don’t manifest when you’re having a chit-chat. There’s your caustic internet voice and there’s your amiable personality in conversation, and they’re two different birds. Here’s a stand-alone mp3 link.

62 thoughts on “Kenny Poker

  1. Really great chat – wish Glenn would stick around each week.

    Jeff – you’re obviously skirting a full articulation of your thoughts on Not Fade Away. Why?? It can’t be embargoed, and even if it were, too many major critics have had their say for you to shy away from getting into it.


    -15:32 Elliott Gould drops in.

    -16:12 Glenn makes formal apology to Dennis Kucinich.

    -20:17 Ten minute dissection of Milkman’s best posts.

    -33:32 Wells skims through reader complaints about SEVEN PSYCHOPATHS banner ads, resolves to leave them up for one year out of spite.

    -40:17 Deezee gets his own column. First one runs on monday.

    42:18 Podcast is capped off by playing Aldo Nova’s “Fantasy”

  3. I really enjoyed this Oscar Poker. Glenn’s relentless ballbusting sometimes makes me forget that he’s a helluva critic and it was interesting to see Jeff largely cede the floor. Insightful, sharp, on-the-ball…Love a regular pairing, especially when you’ve both seen a flick to hash out.

  4. This was the first Oscar Poker I listened to the end.It was interesting and engrossing. Mr. Kenny is a great conversationalist.Good to listen to someone who is actually film literate. Hope he becomes a regular guest.

  5. Good stuff, but…eh, if you’re going to have Kenny on every week maybe channel your inner-HE persona and just start cutting him off when he goes off on some of these long tangents. He’s a pretty insightful critic and I respect him and stuff, but does anyone here really give a shit about who published Popular Mechanics? Jesus, just talk movies, guy*. I don’t listen to sports podcasts to hear what floral arrangement Matthew Berry’s wife has arranged for their wedding vow renewals (and if I did, I’d be sorely disappointed by the lack of information imparted on this subject).

    Reminds me of my psychology professor in college — lectures always started out enthralling, I couldn’t get enough. Then 50 minutes later I couldn’t believe there was still more than an hour left to go, and I could barely even remember the genuinely interesting points he led off with.

    Anyway — keep up the good work, guys.

    * Doesn’t apply to Wells because he’s consistently fascinating, no matter what he’s talking about (well, except for aspect ratio, grain monks, and mimicry of Presidential voices in the pre-audio media age).

  6. Aside for the occasional Kenny ramble(mostly as noted above you can cut him off), this was the most interesting Oscar Poker you’ve done. I really like when your co-host keeps you honest. Sasha had a tendency to rah rah and laugh when she disagreed, Kenny did not, everything about this felt more honest and informative.

  7. That was pretty good, although if I’m gonna get on Jeff’s case for loudly typing while Sasha would speak, I guess I have to ask Glenn to slurp his coffee away from the mic from now on.

    Also, Glenn: I never thought I’d say this, but try to let Jeff get a word in next time. I mean, Jeff’s going to give you another chance with “Oscar Poker,” right? You didn’t have to get it ALL on the table in this first podcast.

    Very stimulating all around.

  8. Why does Glenn Kenny show as “Liking” Mitt Romney on my Facebook now? Is this what happens when I re-activate my Facebook? GODDAMN IT.

    I second the notion that a permanent Wells-Kenny show needs to happen.

  9. This is really good stuff. Probably the best Oscar Poker I have listened to, not slagging on Sasha and others, but Glenn brings a fresh voice and I love hearing stories about movies but not award related.

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