15 Days to Les Miz

My Vietnam excursion (11.19 through 11.30) means I’ll be missing out of the first wave of Les Miserables press & industry screenings, which will begin with a bang on Saturday, 11.24, or during the Thanksgiving time-off cycle. Universal has set 12.11 as the review embargo date although tweeting responses are cool from the get-go. Les Miz director Tom Hooper will be doing q & a’s before or after the six screenings slated for 11.24.

5 thoughts on “15 Days to Les Miz

  1. cyanic on said:

    Why Vietnam and why now?

  2. Because I was invited, and I’ve never been to Asia in my entire life (never been west of Oahu or east of Croatia), and because I’ve had this determination to visit Vietnam sooner or later. And because the Thanksgiving holiday eats up at least half of this so I won’t be missing too much.

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