Be My Friend

“In Liz and Dick, an actor who has been through several rings of hell — and may not, for all I know, have gotten back yet — portrays someone who went through something similar. Put another way, one of the most impulsively, spontaneously emotional actresses of our time portrays a similar performer.

“For all the differences in their circumstances, accomplishments, and worlds — Lindsay Lohan‘s performance (not her impersonation) is thrillingly immediate, not a composition of interpretive pieces but an incontrovertible, full-spectrum presence, even if the mirror itself is broken and some shards of character are still missing from view.” — New Yorker/”Front Row” columnist Richard Brody in an 11.26 posting.

If I was Lohan, whose performance as Elizabeth Taylor has made her one of the most reviled laughing stocks of the 21st Century and who is reportedly devastated by the pans, I would fly to New York immediately, contact Brody and absolutely insist on some sort of emotional reciprocity.

  • Jesse Crall

    She needs to try and land an arc on some really good comedic show like Parks and Rec. Take a loose role, have some fun with it, do like John Hamm in 30 Rock and reveal a whole new side. Low pressure with a smart audience used to meta-comedy and thus more willing to roll with such an overtly public figure in a “fictitious” setting. SNL’s not gonna cut it these days.

  • Travis Actiontree

    I actually watch this, (since I’m an AVClub dork).

    To quote Enid from “Ghostworld”…

    It’s not so bad it’s good. It’s so bad it went past good and back to bad again.

  • Mr. F.

    Whatever Brody is smoking… I’d like some.

    Travis is right. Absolutely terrible from beginning to end.

  • reverent and free

    Watched about five minutes. It looked indistinguishable from the made for TV bio-pics that used to air on ABC in the 90s (Remember Jennifer Love Hewitt as Audrey Hepburn). The only way it would have worked is if it went hard TV-MA.

  • Noiresque

    She’s already tried a TV arc on Ugly Betty and they scaled back her role because she never turned up on time.

  • Terry McCarty

    LL read her LIZ AND DICK lines as if she wanted to get it over with as soon as possible.
    On the other hand, maybe this will create more sales for THE RICHARD BURTON DIARIES, which have more depth and insight.