Better This Way

Watch both Love Is All You Need trailers and tell me the German-dubbed version isn’t preferable. The half-English, half-Danish version, as Rope of Silicon‘s Brad Brevet wrote, has Pierce Brosnan “playing an Englishman living in Denmark running around speaking English while everyone else is speaking Danish and they clearly understand him and he understands them, so why aren’t they all speaking the same language?”

8 thoughts on “Better This Way

  1. Storm Serge on said:

    Pierce picked up magic language powers from John McTiernan. If nobody gets that, I’m at the wrong blog.

  2. It’s pretty realistic actually. I’ve lived in Sweden for 15 years, and everyone understands English, but often they’re afraid to speak it. And I understand Swedish, but sometimes I speak English. Colin Nutley, the British director who does Swedish films, does all his Swedish media interviews in English, and they quesiton him in Swedish. Everyone understands each other. That’s the way it is in Nordic countries, where only cartoons and kids programming is dubbed. Everything else is subtitled.

  3. I think the same can be said for The Netherlands about the mixing of languages. I grew up bilingual and even in my own family there was such a mix of languages (English and Dutch with a bit of German mixed in). Maybe that’s why the mix of languages in this movie felt so very natural to me, it’s an aspect I adored! It would be such a shame if it were all dubbed into one language, that would take away some of the charm of this movie to me.

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