Celebrating Mr. Gere

Roadside threw a luncheon today for Arbitrage star and possible Best Actor nominee Richard Gere at Pizzeria Mozza (641 N. Highland Avenue). Gere delivers one of his career-best performances in Nicolas Jarecki‘s film, but yes, the Best Actor field is very crowded this year. But the equation is (a) Gere is exceptional in Arbitrage plus (b) he’s also been humping it hard and long and honorably for 35 years now, so give it up for the guy.

Arbitrage star Richard Gere at Pizzeria Mozza — Friday, 11.30, 12:55 pm.

For some reason Robert Pattinson showed up toward the end of the luncheon. I’m taller than he is. He has a kind face and a warm smile, but his eyes kinda blank out when he listens to someone talking. When he’s trying to concentrate or show respect to whomever is speaking, I mean, his features go flat. That’s L.A. Times reporter John Horn to RPatz’s right (or our left) and Arbitrage director Nicholas Jarecki (right).

Arbitrage director Nicolas Jarecki.

Gere, director-writer Paul Schrader

Director-screenwriter Michael Tolkin (who said “I like your column…a little scary but…”) and Jarecki, whoi declared himself a huge fan.

Homeland costar Morena Baccarin, director-writer Rod Lurie.
  • Eloi Wrath

    Is that “Chewy” (TM Jeff Wells) behind Gere’s right shoulder?

  • Ira Parks


    “I’m taller than he is.”

    Somehow I think Pattinson will be less than inconsolable upon hearing this news, sport.

  • Ira Parks


    Yeah, after work I’m just gonna grab a frou frou pie at La Quotidianno de Mez de la Don Pierre with my pals CHEWY AND GREEK GOD GERE. Totally relatable. Very similar to my evening. Mine consisted of asking the red headed frau Malkovich toys with in IN THE LINE OF FIRE to turn off the A/C, getting rebuked, then chasing my Quiznos down by double checking the Finnish subtitles on a SILVER SPOONS ep.

  • Lou Rawls’ Ego

    I hope they gave out free Calzones.

  • just me

    here i was thinking only envious women become vindictive.. turns out the boys are no different 😉
    i am surprised you didn’t measure the ..um lengths

  • GeorgePrager


    I was taller than the FILIPINO WIGGER that I saw rolling into the IHOP yesterday ARM IN ARM with a HOT SKINNY WHITE GIRL!

    Should I COMMIT SUICIDE NOW or wait until I see THE COLLECTION?

  • lazarus

    Nice tag teaming there, Parks and Prager.

    Bringin’ the lulz hard to start off the weekend.

  • kdoucette

    Rob Pattinson is probably secretly banging Brit Marling..

  • dissy

    Wow, Mr. Wells. That’s some tream of consciousness re Pattinson you’ve got going. You’re taller than him, and – apparently he doesn’t like you hitting on him? Is that what you want us to glean from your ‘Rpatz’ paragraph (how cute you know that nickname)?

    That said, why do you need to insult his face, and try to imagine you can see into his heart&mind Bush/ Putin style? Bizarre.

    Also, if you’re confused or intrigued as to why Pattinson was there (‘For some reason,’ he was there you say..), why not ask him?

    But really is it so unusual or unfathomable for actors to be at screenings or parties celebrating this or that film’s release? Is it odd that Pattinson is friends with other actors, producers, directors of the Arbitrage production. My guess is he’s Nicholas Jarecki’s and Kevin Turen’s good friend, as he was at Kevin Turen’s wedding this summer. It is possible they know him better than you do and believe he’s worthy of their friendship, despite your split second prejudgement after having met him for all of a few seconds.

  • Cerulean

    “I’m taller than he is” LMAO Jeff. Pattinson is already a public joke for taking back his cheating girlfriend so no need to kick him while he is down.

  • Ira Parks

    LAZARUS: Thanks.

    DISSY: (Apologies to everyone in advance, but the following seems to fit) Why so pissy, Dissy?

  • Tuan

    Pattinson is listed as 6ft 1 on IMDB.

    I have a hard time believing Wells is actually taller because in one of his Vietnam videos, he recorded himself across a mirror and he looked about 5ft 8.

  • trimmer


    BOW to Dennis Peck.

  • Jesse Crall

    Tough year for a leading actor to get a nod, though Gere was great in Arbitrage. That movie was like Margin Call, very linear, no bullshit, well-done.

    @Tuan: I saw Wells at the Silver Linings’ screening and he was close to my height (6’3).

  • dissy

    Cerulean it’s cute you keep up with the twi kid romance via the bloids and blogs, like 8th grade girls everywhere, but what does that have to do with jeffrey wells mooning over ‘rpatz,’ and looking into his heart and mind? It seems a contradiction to snark on why Pattinson has shown up at a party supporting his friend’s latest film, and then go on to feature him more prominently in your bitchy column than the stars and people behind the film. oh, and the going on about his height. whuuuut. Oh Jeff, you’re hysterical grrl.

  • Robsfantastics

    First of all, What kind of statement is this? “His eyes blank out when he listens to someone talking”. He’s obviously accusing Rob of something his brains does quite often when he writes.
    Secondly, why so jealous dude….I am taller than Rob???who cares, better yet, who asked? How is this relevant? WTF you idiot. Just another fan boy, totally checking Rob out, he has a kind face and a warm heart, I guess Rob didn’t show you the love back? Ladies , obviously their is a pattern here, dude is showing us once again how his brains blanks out when he writes.
    Thirdly, He is obviously not a good reporter, since he was wondering why Rob was their?Another brain blank out I’m guessing? Ok, let me give you a hint, Rob attended the wedding of one of the films producers. Now, make an educated guess as to why Rob was their at the luncheon, you moron.
    Lastly, i kinda feel sorry for this guy, why? he has never gotten any real credit for his writing ability, and now he is insulting Rob in order to achieve something his so-call writing skills alone could not have gotten him? Publicity/attention?????? You’re getting it what are you gonna do with it now, b*tch????
    P.s He should have been happy just to be in Robs company! Lol
    I am about to do something, I have never done before, which is to find this guy and give him a piece of my mind. I am going to post this on his site too, if I can find him?

  • dissy

    Also definition of public joke? Does that equal having his dance card full with at least 6 high profile projects, starring in Lawrence of Arabia opposite Naomi Watts and Jude Law, being in Cronenberg’s next film, and signed to do 4 others besides…having an immense worldwide fan base, and taking in double digit mils to star in some of the hottest projects going? Just how much should he care what conclusions some message board twink comes to via the tabloids about his girlfriend and romantic life? Seriously, you sound like some mad cat lady, upset Pattinson isn’t single. Sorry dude, but you won’t be next regardless. The fact that he really doesn’t give a fuck about what you don’t know – shows the mettle of the man. He’d actually be a joke if he let others dictate how he was going to live his life, and what woman he wanted in it. Maybe you shouldn’t be so overinvested in Rpatz’s love life, (or height, like your girlfriend Jeff) then you wouldn’t come across as such a wussy (repl the w, with a p) joke your damnn self.

  • GeorgePrager

    Pattinson’s where Chris O’Donnell was in that movie where Sandra Bullock was the nurse and he was Hemingway or whatever. By this time next year, he’ll be lucky to ride a float on the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade next to Rick Astley.

  • dissy

    Actually George, by this time next year Pattinson will be filming his second Cronenberg film, and promoting Lawrence of Arabia – while you’ll be on message boards saving pics of him to your personal fap file, you share with jeffy. Be honest grrrrl.

  • Cerulean

    @dissy: chillax Pattinson fangurl. Since this is obviously your first visit to Jeff’s website my comment was directed at him not you. Jeff tends to make fun of victims of cheaters. Finds fault in them to excuse cheating. They aren’t young enough, hot enough, in shape, smart enough, tall enough. So the shots at Pattinson in this post. He is squarely Team Kstew needs a real man. You are going overboard though in outrage for Pattinson. Coming across a bit deranged. Go hug your sparkling Edward pillow and think happy thought.

  • Ira Parks


    Hey guys. Everyone in this thread should relax and try to enjoy life; I am.

    Wells seems like a good bloke. Cronenberg turned me on to him for COSMOPOLIS research. He said this site was a good example of “dystopian babel”, whatever that means.

    To those supporting me in this thread: I appreciate the teddy bears, cards, and letters. Take it easy, don’t let these other guys anger you.

    I could use more Milkman. Hope he’ll post more soon. Ira seems douchey.

    Later guys!

    Wells to Pattinson: Agreed on all points.

  • Tuan

    When’s the next Lassie movie coming out?

    That was my favorite Richard Gere performance.

  • Storm Serge

    The first five words of that R Patz caption would’ve been minimalist social/celebrity commentary for the ages. Unfortunately Wells has to remind us he’s a seven foot Don Juan who ravages the ladies, and pretty much is guaranteed Kristen Stewart, just as soon as she wises up a little. Ugh.

  • cinefan

    I hope that Gere gets a nomination but at this point the Oscar is clearly Day-Lewis’ to lose.

    If Les Miz becomes a lock to win Best Picture, the Academy will most likely want to honor Lincoln by giving Oscars to Day-Lewis and probably Kushner and Spielberg as well in the Directing and Writing categories.

  • blogagirl.

    Robert Pattinson is already almost becoming a hollywood politician. Sad, I just think he’s selling his image now in exchange for personal favors of the director or producer of this film. No, will not surprise me if he appears in any future film of the director something Jarecki. That’s how things happen in hollywood, politics. Just Sad.

  • ghost of a ghost

    If Pattinson were 5’6″ and Jeff were 5’8″, his comment would mean something completely different. It would mean, “I’m surprised at how short he is!”

    But with Pattinson at 6’1″, the comment is about Jeff.

    Is it me, or did he hold the camera a little higher for the shots of Pattinson?

  • GeorgePrager

    I have to admit, when dissy, Pattinson’s gunsel, brought up Lawrence of Arabia, I was intrigued. Turns out that it is QUEEN OF ARABIA, starring Naomi Watts and directed by Werner Herzog. Not a good sign. I think the gunsel should stop embarrassing himself.

  • Lread

    Publicity/attention is what Turen and Jarecki are getting, thanks to Robert Pattinson. I didnt even knew who they were(and I really dont think that I want or need to know or read something about them.) and now I always read some mention, or some article like the one above, about Nicholas Jarecki and Kevin Turen, because of Robert. I bet that they love and worship the whole attention that they are getting. Thank you Robert Pattinson for unnecessary information.

  • Lread

    Sorry Robert, I stay with Day-Lewis and Spielberg.

  • Lread

    Sorry Robert, I stay with Day-Lewis for Lincoln.

  • MechanicalShark

    Sorry, I don’t think Gere has a chance. He’s a smug douche. And that’s all there is to say on the matter.

  • moviesquad

    No comments on Morena, one of the most beautiful women in the world? Did you talk with her Jeffrey?

  • Tuan

    Nicholas Jarecki looks like Jimmy Fallon.

    I bet Jarecki tells really bad jokes.

  • Ciaran

    Rob Pattinson fans are fcking insane! They never stop blasting Kristen Stewart all over the internet since they started dating. I feel bad for him if his friends and colleagues really do read this site and see his fans embarrassing him like this!

  • GeorgePrager

    This thread is beginning to remind me a little of this Little Ashes thread:

  • Freddie Mertz

    How does Richard Gere not know about progressive bifocal lenses. Kudos for not dyeing your hair, Richard, but there’s just no reason to wear glasses like that.

  • dissy

    When your site needs a pick me up Jeff Wells, feel free to use Pattinson. You get more traffic, and more postings per topic it seems when you talk about him. I checked that other Pattinson link from George Prager’s personal collection, and holy cow that was insane – have you ever again had that many posts? Pssst, sorry to disappoint you regulars, but that shit was also a helluva lot more entertaining than the usual fare from the usual small group of fellating bloviators that inhabit this ghost town. If interest in a topic (oddly enough from both sexes, going by Jeff Wells and his sarcastic lady boy fillum geeks..or, wait – ) off the charts bitch biting jealousy, and web traffic – count for anything, Pattinson is the new Angelina Jolie. P.s. is that wells picture up top in the banner? Lol, he looks like Liberace.

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