Gone In Eight

It’s now 9:15 am Tokyo time on Friday (or 4:15 pm LA time on Thursday), and the sooner I’m out of here the better. My Narita-to-LAX flight leaves at 5:10 pm (or 12:10 am LA time on Friday). The flight arrives at 9:50 am or nine and a half hours after departing. That’s funny as last week’s LAX-to-Honolulu flight was six hours and Honolulu-to-Tokyo was eight hours so I thought Tokyo-to-LA might be 12 hours or thereabouts. I hate being stuck in a fuselage for lengthy periods but I guess nine and a half hours isn’t so awful.

I go right to a Richard Gere Armitage lunch at 12:30 pm on Friday, and then back for a nap and then off to a 6 pm screening of The Hobbit in 48 fps on the Warner lot. (For me 48 fps is The Hobbit as I’m not invested in Tolkien realms in the slightest.) And then I’m doing Zero Dark Thirty screenings on Saturday and Sunday (I’m afraid that I might be so jet-lagged that I’ll miss something the first time plus I suspect that Kathryn Bigelow and Mark Boal‘s film warrants two viewings anyway).

There’s also a Sunday screening of The Guilt Trip, the Seth Rogen-vs.-Barbra Streisand road comedy that opens on 12.25. And the first Les Miserables screening I can get to happens on Wednesday at 12.5, but on the other hand I’m told that a Les Miz screener will arrive today. I think it’ll be better to wait to see it in a theatre.

11 thoughts on “Gone In Eight

  1. moviesquad on said:

    It might be more time efficient to save hours 2 and 3 of The Hobbit for nap time.

  2. Bon Voyage Wells.

    Can’t believe that none of us mentioned it yesterday, but… did you go and catch a movie over here?

    No matter how much you hate Tokyo (or Japan even)—YOUR KIND OF MOVIE AUDIENCES FOR SURE.

    Quiet as church mice, no munching, phones, speaking is unthinkable… and 7 to 8 out of 10 Japanese audience members (adults) stay in their seat until the credits finish rolling. Pure reverence and perfect manners.

    Cineaste culture alive and well over here.

  3. I was just thinking I would love to see Gere get a Best Actor nom this year. I’ve always liked him for some reason and he really kills it in ARBITRAGE. Best perf he’s ever given.

  4. Hawaii is much further south than LA or Tokyo. Northern hemisphere, going south to end up north means going to the fatter part of the world, and much greater distance to travel. Check out flightaware.com for a flight from the west coast to Asia 6 hours or so after takeoff. They will be near Alaska. Thin part of the world. Less distance to travel. Least travel time from west coast to NRT is from Seattle or Vancouver. The ideal stopover would be Anchorage, but I don’t think there are any Anchorage-Tokyo flights.

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