Gothams Cheer Kingdom, Wild‘s Zeitlin

Congrats to the winners of the just-concluded IFC Gotham Awards. Wes Anderson‘s Moonrise Kingdom won Best Picture, and Beasts of the Southern Wild helmer Ben Zeitlin took the breakthrough director award as well as the inaugural Bingham Ray Award. Jared Leto‘s Artifact won the best film audience trophy, David France‘s How To Survive A Plague was given the Gotham Award for Best Documentary, and Terence Nance won the Best Film Not Playing at the Theater Near You prize for An Oversimplification of Her Beauty. Marion Cotillard, Matt Damon, David O. Russell and Participant Media’s Jeff Skoll were given career tributes.

5 thoughts on “Gothams Cheer Kingdom, Wild‘s Zeitlin

  1. Murtada on said:

    and Emayatzy Corinealdi won breakthrough actor for Middle of Nowhere. Best Ensemble was Your sister’s Sister

  2. I liked it a lot but BEASTS has been pretty roundly overshadowed by 100 other mothers by now…. but it’s very good.

    Moonrise, though… I was with it a LOT, esp because of Willis and Norton, and I REALLY liked Kara Hayward in it… but once the AWFUL Tilda Swinton shows up dressed in some 1970 Sally Kellerman MASH purple burlap sack and dumb little hat and starts doing gay-camp mugging, didn’t it sort of overload on the twee? I held out longer than with most WA movies, but that stuff in the CHURCH by the end and especially SWINTON’S EMBARRASSING CONTRIBUTION sent an A-minus movie down to a B.

  3. Lex, great call on Swinton as Moonrise Kingdom’s Achilles Heel. I don’t think it’s the performance per se that hurts the film, but once she shows up you can feel the whole thing kind of going off the rails. It’s as if Anderson felt like the movie hadn’t been Anderson-y enough up to that point and he needed to toss in one more element to push it over the edge. The ending feels overstuffed, whereas everything leading up to it is lovely, and relatively understated (for him).

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