Murmuring Nolan

Last night the Film Society of Lincoln Center, Film Comment Selects and Scott Foundas hosted “An Evening With Christopher Nolan.” Which was basically an award-season promotion for Nolan’s The Dark Knight Rises under the guise of a career-review conversation. HE’s Manhattan correspondent Clayton Loulan attended and took snaps and recorded the conversation. Problematically, I would add, as you can barely hear what’s being said without headphones.

Scott Foundas, Chris Nolan following last night’s FSLC discussion.

4 thoughts on “Murmuring Nolan


    No offence to Loulan, who I’m sure is a gent and above suspicion, but is that url safe? I don’t want to find myself on some Norwegian sock factory site that’s collecting my cookies so I can hear Scott “Ben Stiller’s third cousin” Foundas wax didactic about something that should be BETWEEN MOVIEGOER AND SCREEN, not all dissected like gerunds and participles by beardos wearing Che T-shirts.


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