Please Watch Us

A passel of “welcome back from Vietnam” screeners sitting on my dining-room table when I got in just before noon. No Les Miz although I’ve been told it would be here, or that it’s been mailed at least.

  • lane

    time to finally see Cloud Atlas!

  • Luke Y. Thompson

    Holy shit you got Weinstein screeners. Lucky.

    (though it looks like Django ain’t one)

  • arispil

    Good grief, the PGA needs to get their shit together.

  • Mr. F.

    Now how many times will you be able to watch Sliver Linings by Sunday night? I figure 2x tonight, 4x tomorrow and 3x Sunday…

  • Eloi Wrath

    Christ. How do you get on a screener list? How many website views do you need to get sent all this free shit? I am experiencing LexG-levels of envy right now.

  • Rashad

    Word Eloi.

    I don’t understand why they send screeners to bloggers who don’t vote anywhere.

  • scooterzz

    the ‘les miz’ screeners have been hitting for the past few days…some l.a. folk got it wednesday, some today… so far, we’ve gotten 108 fyc screeners….

  • scooterzz

    oops…that was 98…not 108…

  • berg

    “Who takes 30 minutes to go to the bathroom?”

    “John Goodman”

  • bobbyperu


    Certainly hope your first viewing of Les Miserables is not going to be on a screener — there is no way you can reproduce the scope of its visuals (or sound of its music) on your plasma. It needs to be seen on a very large screen with superb sound — it’s that kind of movie. I recently saw The Impossible a second time via screener (the first was theatrical) and while I am not much of a fan of the film, its indisputible ace in the hole — the tsunami sequence — was severely diminished. And by the way, that was on my 146″ screen with the dvd upscaled via hi-def.

    A home viewing of Les Miz will suffer — and i think you’ve already handicapped it anyway, so why not give it a fair shake theatrically, at least???

  • Bob Violence

    The Dark Knight Trilogy? Obviously trying the “award the series and not the movie” angle.

  • Tuan

    The Dark Knight Rises was utter crap.

    Nolan has really gone downhill since Dark Knight.

    The Prestige is masterpiece. Love that movie.

  • Colin

    In agreement on The Prestige. Wouldn’t call TDKR anything less than three stars though.


    Bringing back memories of four years ago when I was blessed with being on the SAG Nominating Committee. Otherwise, screeners or website/iTunes viewing passes only come for SAG members once the Awards nominees are announced.

  • ModernLifeIsRubbish

    Has the Ginger & Rosa qualifying run happened yet?

  • MechanicalShark

    Nowadays any film that can’t survive being shrunk to home theater size has a tougher time getting nominated. This is really why The Hurt Locker won, because you can’t watch Avatar on a small screen without realizing that everything other than the visual effects are bad.

  • Raising_Kaned

    That seems like a shaky thesis, at best, MechnicalShark…what do you even mean by “can’t survive being shrunk to home theater size,” exactly? Can you give a specific, concrete example (other than Avatar, which was nominated for a ton and still won a few)?

    Didn’t War Horse get nominated last year?

  • bobbyperu

    Except that Avatar was never sent to the guilds/voters on screener precisely for these reasons — and if memory serves the 3D was watershed and could not be duplicated at home.

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  • oscar234

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  • hatttlen

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