Please Watch Us

A passel of “welcome back from Vietnam” screeners sitting on my dining-room table when I got in just before noon. No Les Miz although I’ve been told it would be here, or that it’s been mailed at least.

22 thoughts on “Please Watch Us

  1. Christ. How do you get on a screener list? How many website views do you need to get sent all this free shit? I am experiencing LexG-levels of envy right now.

  2. the ‘les miz’ screeners have been hitting for the past few days…some l.a. folk got it wednesday, some today… so far, we’ve gotten 108 fyc screeners….

  3. Jeff-

    Certainly hope your first viewing of Les Miserables is not going to be on a screener — there is no way you can reproduce the scope of its visuals (or sound of its music) on your plasma. It needs to be seen on a very large screen with superb sound — it’s that kind of movie. I recently saw The Impossible a second time via screener (the first was theatrical) and while I am not much of a fan of the film, its indisputible ace in the hole — the tsunami sequence — was severely diminished. And by the way, that was on my 146″ screen with the dvd upscaled via hi-def.

    A home viewing of Les Miz will suffer — and i think you’ve already handicapped it anyway, so why not give it a fair shake theatrically, at least???

  4. The Dark Knight Rises was utter crap.

    Nolan has really gone downhill since Dark Knight.

    The Prestige is masterpiece. Love that movie.

  5. Bringing back memories of four years ago when I was blessed with being on the SAG Nominating Committee. Otherwise, screeners or website/iTunes viewing passes only come for SAG members once the Awards nominees are announced.

  6. Nowadays any film that can’t survive being shrunk to home theater size has a tougher time getting nominated. This is really why The Hurt Locker won, because you can’t watch Avatar on a small screen without realizing that everything other than the visual effects are bad.

  7. That seems like a shaky thesis, at best, MechnicalShark…what do you even mean by “can’t survive being shrunk to home theater size,” exactly? Can you give a specific, concrete example (other than Avatar, which was nominated for a ton and still won a few)?

    Didn’t War Horse get nominated last year?

  8. Except that Avatar was never sent to the guilds/voters on screener precisely for these reasons — and if memory serves the 3D was watershed and could not be duplicated at home.

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