Prediction: NYFCC Will Embrace ZDT

I’m sitting here stranded in Tokyo and doing my best to deny it. And I’m really hating the puerile Japanese daytime TV programming that I’m watching. This culture is drunk on helium emotions and attitudes. They’re like six year olds. But all the way from Tokyo I can almost smell what will happen Monday morning when the New York Film Critics Circle vote for Best Picture, and I haven’t even seen Zero Dark Thirty so what do I know? But I think they’ll go for it nonetheless.

I think the NYFCC’ers will want to go hard and real as a swing away from the intense emotionality of Les Miserables, and the consensus is that Zero Dark Thirty is sharp and hard and austere. It also contains an allegedly stirring lead performance by Jessica Chastain, who may even beat out Silver LiningsJennifer Lawrence…maybe. I suspect the NYFCC’ers have gotten over their first encounters with Lincoln by now, and they know what it really is and that giving it Best Picture trophy will land with a thud across the land. I’m also presuming that Silver Linings haters (David Denby and Rex Reed possibly leading the charge) are going to do everything they can to block a majority for David O. Russell‘s film. And I can’t imagine there being enough of a head of steam to put Life of Pi over. And The Master has gone down to the sea in ships.

But the biggest surge of feeling, to repeat, will be about the NYFCC wanting to give a big “eff you” to the Manhattan theatre-queen contingent that will be pushing Les Miserables.

I think they’ll give their Best Foreign Film award to Amour or Holy Motors or….No?

Other guesses or divinings?

  • Alobar

    I always forget that the “film circle” awards always come out so early. Fuck, have they even seen Django yet? But you’re right, Jeff – ZDT has all the momentum right now. Which I feel is fantastic after the abortion of choosing The Artist and The King’s Speech as actual “Best” movies of their respective years…

  • a1

    If the NYFCC had any respect for their position on the critical totem pole, they’d come out with “Holy Motors” for Best Picture. These guys are supposed to be the cream of the critical crop in one of the biggest cultural cities on the planet, and we’re talking of them picking “Zero Dark Thirty” instead?

    Pffffft! How lame is that? What good is your rareified critical position if you use it to pass over one of the most original, creative, and inspiring movies of the last 10 years in favor of a really really well-done episode of “24”? It’s one thing if you’re the St. Louis Film Society or The Gurus of Gold and you need to keep one eye on staying relevant in the Oscar race. But the NYFCC critics, of all people, should be above that shit.

  • Tuan

    How can they give out an award if they haven’t even seen THE HOBBIT?

    a1 is correct.

    ZDT may contain exceptional filmmaking and acting but at the end of the day, it will be nothing more than an episode of 24.

    If only Kiefer Sutherland knew.

  • Paul Lynch

    To understand what Japanese TV is like, you have to take the worst variety/reality talentless celebrity based US programming, multiply its awfulness by 10….. and that is high art compared to what TV in Nippon has to offer.

    I hope Chastain wins for Best Actress, but will all the critics have seen it yet?

  • Colin

    I’m hoping for a more interesting best picture choice, like The Artist.

  • Bilge Ebiri

    Many of us are seeing THE HOBBIT and DJANGO this weekend. (I’m seeing the former tonight, the latter tomorrow.) So we will have seen them by the time we vote on Monday morning.

    Have no idea what will win, but this is a tough year to choose. Hell, I still don’t know what I’m going to vote for — I’m still trying to decide between 4 or 5 films for Best Picture, and god knows what I’ll do if I also have to add DJANGO or something else into the mix.

  • corey3rd

    They really need to let the movies digest longer. They’re like the Nathans Hotdog Eating contestants reviewing food. They speed cram at the end and guess which hotdog tasted the best of the 70 they forced down their gullet.