See What I Mean?

Tokyo is an architecturally dull, dull town. This section (a couple of miles east of downtown) looks a lot like Cleveland or Joliet, only less cultured. There are some city streets you can gaze at from inside a passing train and say “wow, look at that!” or “hey, that’s cool.” You can sense the history and the flavor and the intrigue. No such luck with Tokyo.

6 thoughts on “See What I Mean?

  1. Travis Actiontree on said:

    …says the guy whose country of birth burned Tokyo to the ground seventy years earlier.

    (not that they didn’t have it coming, but still…)

  2. What I see is very well maintained, very clean off downtown segment of a city especially considering what we see is next to railroads. The fact we don’t see any garbage tells so much about this respectful culture. You are way, way to harsh to Tokyo. Yes, sometimes it does little bit feels like a sterile mall but that’s not because they are less cultured but because these people respect their environment like no other.

    I think you were a little too kind to Vietnam as you were an invited guest and this reaction is how your brain balances itself.

  3. I imagine something shot by Christopher Doyle would cast it in a better light. I’m still trying to decipher the meaning of the word “cultured” in this post.

  4. Tokyo is one of my favorite cities. The food, the people, and the neighborhoods are fantastic. Jeff, you did not get a proper intro or look around Tokyo, that’s all I can say.

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