• PastePotPete

    I’m still waiting to see which Guillermo del Toro is directing this. Is it the talented, subtle dark genius behind Devil’s Backbone and Pan’s Labyrinth? Or is the generic hack who directed Blade 2 and the Hellboy films?

    I realize those latter three films have a fair amount of support but they were pretty disappointing to me, especially the visuals. The fights were poor and the creature design wasn’t as impressive as the fanboys kept saying at the time. I’ll grant that they managed to avoid having the creatures look lousy but I wasn’t particularly enthralled. Everything looked too gummy.

    Hellboy in particular rankled as he completely botched the tone of the comics. Instead of the ‘Harryhausen meets Mario Bava with a heavy dose of irony’ vibe Mignola achieves, we got a couple of films that looked about as convincing as the live action Ninja Turtles movie, with SyFy channel original series-level characterization(not BSG but stuff like Warehouse 13).

    Del Toro is at the top of my list of directors who have never achieved their promise, despite everyone saying he has. He never seems to be able to get the results in his big budget studio work that he does in foreign language films. If he ever manages to do so, we’d probably get a classic. As it is his studio output is above average but still fairly uninspired.

  • Kakihara

    Pete: Hey, Blade 2 and the Hellboy movies are awesome. If you’re gonna trash something from his catalogue, make it Mimic.

  • Krazy Eyes

    I’m in total 100% agreement with PPP.

    Del Toro’s output is completely schizophrenic. His Spanish-language films are leagues better than his Hollywood output. About the best you can say about the Hellboy films is that they’re fanboy bait.

    This looks like he’s channeling Roland Emmerich. I think I’ll wait for his next film.

  • Breedlove

    Yeah I’ll third the “Del Toro is overrated and has a lot to prove” thing. People talk about him like he’s this genius but he’s been around for a while now and hasn’t made anything I had any desire to see twice. And that includes the overrated and kinda boring Pan’s Labrynth.

  • Mr. F.

    “Del Toro’s output is completely schizophrenic.”

    But so is DZ, which explains his love of Blade and the Hellboys.

  • JLC

    I really don’t get you guys sometimes. This is a movie about giant robots that fight monsters that rise from the oceans. It’s a big-budget version of Ultraman or Voltron. The “personal” filmmaker del Toro that made Pan’s Labyrinth and The Devil’s Backbone isn’t required.

    What’s required is cool monsters and cool giant robots and lots of PG-13 destruction of world landmarks. I get it that this isn’t exactly an HE regular’s cup of tea, but it is what it is. Since it’s not a remake or directly based on a comic book, I say good for him. Have some fun.

  • PastePotPete

    JLC, fair enough about the limited expectations of the genre, but I just think it’s a bit absurd so many people who should know better are expecting this to blow their minds just because del Toro is making it.

    And I love the giant monster genre. But del Toro’s mainstream track record is not as impressive as people pretend, and its skewing their expectations of this film. If the same marketing material were associated with a Peter Berg movie everyone would assume it’d be shit.

  • Tits McGee

    Oh. Battleship 2… I mean, Pacific Rim. No wonder I lost interest so quickly.

  • JLC

    PPP, I see where you’re coming from. I think del Toro is distinctive enough that this will be a cut above Battleship or Transformers (though not a huge cut above, if you get my drift). I’m thinking specifically about the plant monster thing in Hellboy II, which I thought was pretty nifty.

    Although truth to tell, I’d probably be more excited if he’d just called his giant robots “Ultraman.” Having a character named Johnny Sokko would also be acceptable.

  • MechanicalShark

    Fucking hell, guys. Giant monsters vs. giant robots in a movie directed by GDT. If that doesn’t get you amped, you’re crazy.

  • Travis Actiontree

    It’s so TEASING! It just teases me! It must be a TEASER! I’m so totally teased into wanted to see more!

    Stop teasing me, monster movie!

  • Kakihara

    Mr. F: He gave props to Satoshi Kon when the rest of Hollywood decided to snub him at the Academy Awards, so GDT is alright in my book.