Tokyo Beckons

With my flight to Tokyo leaving at midnight, HE’s gracious host Nguyen Mai invited me to a farewell lunch today at Le Tonkin, an elegant, French colonial-style gourmet restaurant in Hanoi’s French quarter. Joining us were actor Chi Bao, music composer & producer Nguyen Quoc Trung, pop singer Thanh Lam and her son Dang Quang, and Mai’s business partners (in Vidotour and other enterprises) Pham Tuan Phuong and Nguyen Thuy Quynh.

Vidotour and VidoMedia CEO Nguyen Mai — Wednesday, 11.28, 12:50 pm.

Le Tonkin chef Le Tuan Cuong
  • Eloi Wrath

    Is this the most incident-free HE foreign exchange visit yet? Aside from the Hawaiian lesbians, everything seems to have gone swimmingly, with Jeff seemingly delighted by his hosts at all times. Surely something has to go wrong sooner or later?

  • Tim

    Happy wi-fi, happy life?

  • Eloi Wrath

    Maybe it’ll all kick off when Tokyo customs seizes Jeff’s pocket cake.

  • Bob Hightower

    No, Jeff did his foreign diplomacy without insulting his hosts for screwing up the Olympics. No, that was the other guy . . .

    Seriously, this has been very enjoyable as a vicarious trip to a place I’ve never been. Thanks, Jeff.

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  • Tuan


    A picture of some food.

  • Bob Violence

    So wait, did you only see the two movies or are you hoarding a bunch of impressions for later?

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