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  1. bobbyperu on said:

    And there we go, folks. The film presents that scene nearly 90 minutes in, I believe, and prior to this the Maya character has been on a slow-burn, build up to this release. Note how young and unadorned Chastain appears here in contrast to her other screen work. The character and movie are truly investigatory brass tacks — no goosing to be found.

  2. Unfortunately I’m with Serge. Everything I’ve seen about this makes me think of the kind of War on Terror TV that came out 2003-04 like The Private Lynch story.

    United 93 is still the only post 9/11 movie that doesn’t have that made for TV vibe to me.

  3. I haven’t seen ZDT but comments here and other places from people who have seem to be giving off a kind of Zodiac vibe with Chastain being obsessed with taking down an evil fucker like the Jake Gyllenhaal character.and while Zodiac was a masterful bit of film, it really had no chance of taking home the big prize. Too much thought had to be invested in the minutiae of the investigation for the average moviegoer or oscar voter. After the wins of The Kings Speech and The Artist I just can’t see a ZDT win. .Prediction .Les Miz

  4. Using the acronym ZDT to describe this movie is obviously just a cheap attempt to cash-in on Daniel Zelter — and, by proxy, his hero (and illegitimate father) Satoshi Kon.

  5. Sorry that even though none of you have seen the film
    you have already determined that it is “cheesy,” “terrible” and like “a TV movie” — it is none of those things.

    You’ll see.

  6. I saw the movie yesterday. bobbyperu is right.

    And DZ, isn’t bringing up the word Kakihara just going to remind people of that Tadanobu Asano movie?

  7. Tthis is basically The Silence of the Lambs as an intel-wonk’s thriller; substitute waterboarding for “fava beans and a nice chianti.”

    Most impressive actor is Jason Clarke as the main CIA asshole torturer.

  8. If we could get bill weber to explain why he thinks UNITED 93 is “vile”, we might be able to double the comment count.

  9. Overacting 101. Hope this bag of cheese isn’t her Oscar clip. Clare Daines from Homeland would act circles around this chick.

  10. >U93: Terror-porn fantasy rah-rah speculative fiction about mass murder.

    Christ, you can’t just stick the word ‘porn’ after everything to delegitimize it.

    Yes, it’s about mass murder, and yes, it’s (partly) speculative. So what? 9/11 happened, just as World War II or the Renaissance happened, and is fair game for narrative interpretation. United 93 is a work of storytelling that actually manages to be equal, on some level, to the great trauma (so far) of 21st century American existence.

  11. Lincoln: legislative-porn
    The Longest Day: combat-porn
    The Killing Fields: genocide-porn
    JFK: schizophrenia-porn
    Signs: corn-porn

  12. “United 93 is a work of storytelling that actually manages to be equal, on some level, to the great trauma (so far) of 21st century American existence.”

    It’d be hard work to unpack the levels of obscenity in this sentence.

  13. I think it’s safe to say that he meant it’s equal to the task, not equal to the experience. Said task being to make a respectful and intelligent film about the event.

  14. Look, I actually agree that United 93 isn’t as good as the reviews said at the time. But my point was at least it worked like a film, rather than TV movie of the week.

    Some critic once wrote that any movie based on current events needs to answer the question “Why is this story best told through drama?” rather than a book, article, or even a documentary. I’m not getting the answer here. Is the marketing just leaving out all of the interesting parts?

  15. This isn’t worth getting into a pissing contest about with a bunch of malcontents who haven’t seen the film but Cerulean may well be an acting teacher so I will bite — what exactly is “overacting” about that clip? If you knew anything about the character, at all, you would know why she appears “big” at this one an only juncture of the film in an otherwise very understated performance. But since generalities like “cheesy” and “overacting” have been levied let’s hear exactly why they are so.

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