Try Harder

The usual deal when I visit and cover a regional film festival is balancing the necessity of respectfully attending and reviewing certain screenings and events with having to cover the general waterfront in the column (Zero Dark Thirty surge, coming Les Miz kickback) and going nuts in the usual hair-pulling way. What else is new?

The truth (of which I am not especially proud) is that yesterday I was a derelict guest of the Hanoi Film Festival and that all I did, really, was attend a nice festival party at a penthouse suite atop a big, swanky, Vegas-styled hotel. Apart form filing, I mean, and taking a two-hour walk in the old quarter. And that’s not much. After last night’s event I walked back to the hotel in the rain — about a 3 kilometer trek.

  • Tuan

    Jeef, When you take a scooter ride at night, be sure to post that video.

  • DukeSavoy

    Like the opening in the elevator area with the sound of the party in the distance, then your pseudo-steadicam entrance. Oddly reminiscent of the Grand Ballroom soiree in The Shining and Rose’s final reunion with Leo at the end of Titanic.

    Didn’t notice a table for the VC cadres at the party, however. Oversight?

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