Press and industry types are naturally following each other’s Sundance postings and tweets, but readers (and certainly commenters) outside this realm seem to be few and far between. But every January I feel a need to invest in the future (new filmmakers, perceptions, trends) and take myself out of the Oscar-wank cycle for a couple of weeks. Sundance is a bear to absorb and grapple with, but half the time I feel like I’m spinning my wheels in order to spin my wheels. Three more days (counting today ) remain, and then a Friday wake-up and a 10 am shuttle to SLC airport.

  • Ian T

    Your coverage is great. It’s hard to have too much comment besides saying “I can’t wait to see that” or “I guess I’ll skip that”.

    Your take and the short trailer fdr The East does make that a must see. It looks great. I hope it’s a step up from Sound of My Voice.

  • pchu

    Jeff, keep doing your coverage.

    Personally, I don’t really care for the Oscar stuff. People just try to find stuff to talk about because the Oscar isn’t happening till late Feb. Everyone wants to find a new topic when there isn’t one. Honestly, how many ‘which film is going to win Best Picture conversation’ do you need? And who cares? I understand I am in the minority here, but I would rather hear about what’s coming up, and who’s making good upcoming films that I can check out in the future.

  • JLC

    Unfortunately, the lead time is too great. People want to be part of the conversation, and they can’t be because many Sundance films take months to reach theaters, if at all. By the time a film goes from Sundance to wide release, most people have forgotten about it. And while Sundance is going on, no one can comment because the film is showing only at Sundance.

    Film festivals, or at least the “buzz” they supposedly create, are an endangered species. The world moves too quickly now. Ten months’ lead time only hurts a film these days.

  • roquentin

    Anyone else noticing Wells’s weirdly insistent aggression towards Mary Elizabeth Winstead on Twitter?? First he goes after her for writing that she’s proud of James Ponsoldt and The Spectacular Now, a film she is FEATURED IN, by telling her to “spare us press-release effusions and share deep-down Ponsoldt skinny”. Then he attacks someone for their minor kudos to her performance after said person met MEW. I’m baffled – what did she do to you Jeff?

  • jsf

    I care, Jeff. I care.

  • HighSierraMan

    From Oscar wank to Indie wank: its all a wank.

    I’m still digging your assessment of Michael Winner’s legacy, but then I’m an Archive wanker!

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