Feet In Cement

This morning I attended a Grauman’s Chinese handprint ceremony for Silver Linings Playbook costar and Best Supporting Actor nominee Robert De Niro. Bobby D is doing all he can to out-promote his main competitor, Lincoln‘s Tommy Lee Jones. (TLJ snagged SAG’s Best Supporting Actor award so watch out.) De Niro’s Analyze This costar Billy Crystal and SLP director-writer David O. Russell offered gracious compliments, and Fandango’s Dave Karger was the emcee.

“Heeyyyy! Wet gunk on my hands! Fuck am I doing here?” Robert De Niro at this morning’s TCL Chinese handprint ceremony — Monday, 2.4, 10:10 am.

De Niro is doing a q & a at Santa Monica’s Aero tonight, and I’ll be at that event also.

Fandango’s Dave Karger deliveriing introductory remarks.

(l to r.) Crystal, DeNiro, DeNiro’s wife Grace Hightower, Silver Linings Playbook director-writer David O. Russell.

Between De Niro’s joke about how “Joe Pesci always told me I’d end up with my feet in cement” and the presence of TCL Chinese co-owners Elie Samaha and Don Kushner, who exude the same kind of flashy ne’er-do-well vibe as Mickey Cohen or Bugsy Siegel but without the class, I was thinking of an old Lenny Bruce routine:

New Jersey guy #1: Say, what happened to your partner?
New Jersey guy #2: He drowned.
New Jersey guy #1: What, in February?
New Jersey guy #2: Yeah.
New Jersey guy #1: What, he couldn’t swim?
New Jersey guy #2: Nah, he couldn’t get out of the car.

9 thoughts on “Feet In Cement

  1. Silver Linings Playbook is screening at The Aero at 2:00, which means the Q & A will be around 4:00. If you wait until tonight to go there you’re in for a surprise.

  2. Look at the banner behind DeNiro in the vid. Why has the studio decided to all but bury the word “Playbook” from the title of the movie?

  3. Why has the studio decided to all but bury the word “The” from the title of the movie? The book is “The Silver Linings Playbook.” “Silver Linings Playbook” just doesn’t make any sense.

  4. So it’s desperation if Spielberg invites Clinton to speak on behalf of Lincoln at the Golden Globes but it’s not desperation if DeNiro basically begs people at Grauman’s to vote him for Supporting Actor?

    Very logical thinking there…

  5. If DeNiro went through this ceremony to boost his chances of winning an Oscar, isn’t he a little late? Haven’t the ballots already been turned in?

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