Belated Salute

At most I was half-watching Adele‘s “Skyfall” performance during last month’s Oscar telecast. Perhaps only a third or even a quarter of my attention went to her. Constantly feeding the column doesn’t leave room or energy for much else. I’m just saying that Adele nailed it. The whole number was perfectly sung, designed, composed.

  • No problems with her or the song but did think she was drowned out in the sound mix.

  • cgulli

    I’ll never forget her Grammy performance 2 years ago, her first live performance after her throat surgery. Every other singer is up there with 30 dancers and flames sprouting everywhere, and she just goes out in her little black dress and absolutely kills it. Brings the house to their feet. She’s awesome.

  • I think her voice wasn’t as smooth as usual. She may be either out of practice.

  • DougW

    I thought her performance was too restrained (especially after Shirley Bassey), and I hated the lava lamp background. They should’ve used the great opening visuals from the film.

    • Isn’t she a “restrained” performer anyway? I mean we don’t have Beyonce on stage.

  • jtw66

    Jeff, the Les Miserables’ ensemble performance was easily best of the Oscar night. Adele didn’t bring her A-game, and she was struggling vocally. Streisand was also struggling vocally that night.

  • MisterQuigley

    She was buried in the mix, especially after the Bassey blast. Les Miz song was fantastic. She’s a breath of fresh air in her speech/backstage, though…

    And everything I just said has been said already. Disqus blows…

  • Shirley Bassey kicked everybody’s ass — including Jennifer Hudson, who broke some wine glasses.

  • Ira Parks


    Mic test, y’all. Peace.

    • Ira Parks