• Reminds me a little of Oliver Stone’s tache.

  • AnnaZed

    What he really looks like is my Dad. which is completely disturbing; Armin Mueller-Stahl – not so much really.

  • They look nothing alike. And guess what? Clooney is a great admirer of Mueller-Stahl after they worked together in PEACEMAKERS. Tell Clooney this when you visit the set and, I promise you, he will laugh out loud.

  • CP

    Uh-oh. Last two times Clooney had a moustache in a movie, they flopped (“Confessions of a Dangerous Mind” and “Men Who Stare At Goats”) Shave it off. (I’m being sarcastic, all) He should’ve kept the awards circuit beard — that was bad ass.

  • Please keep up with the red arrows George Clooney is a pathetic actor, who has never done anything of merit (other than loosing a lot of studios money over the many costly flops he’s been in) and if my defense of Jack Lemmon (an all-round better actor by far) upsets the fat frumpy 40+ divorcees that seem to prop up Clooneys career….then great. You all need a reality check, and you also need to stop glorifying mediocre actors. http://britainloans.co.uk/

  • 90% of Clooney’s movies have turned a profit, so pick another random reason to hate him (i.e. be jealous of him)