Damon Lindelof To Rescue

If I wasn’t getting invited to free screenings I’d probably pay to see World War Z despite reports about it being a troubled mess. I’d figure a Class-A zombie-plague film with Brad Pitt would be cool for the first two acts at least, and that the third would probably be tolerable even though the guy they hired to fix the third-act problems is the guy who co-wrote effing Prometheus and co-wrote Cowboys and Aliens. Whoa…wait a minute.

  • lazarus

    Lindelof gets way too much shit. He’s made some blunders for sure, but doesn’t deserve to be thought of alongside hacks like Kurtzman and Orci, even if he’s working with them.

    And it’s sad that people want to dismiss the entirety of LOST because it didn’t end in the way they thought it would or wanted it to. Wasn’t exactly what I has hoping for but I still loved a great deal of what came before it.

    • Eloi Wrath

      Yeah. Lindelof seems a fairly cool guy who created the last genuine genre phenomenon on network TV, possibly ever. It’s exciting he’ll be working with HBO next because he could make something very special. Lost was an absolute treat while it was on – a mad, ambitious, genre-spanning blockbuster with outstanding production values and the best score ever composed for TV.

  • Circumvrent

    No one should be allowed to give Lindelof any shit about Prometheus until they read Jon Spaight’s draft.

    Lost, on a macro level, is one of the coolest things that has gone in any medium in the last 20, 30 years. He’s had his hand in these new, fun Star Wars, as well as Prometheus, which I think is genuinely intriguing and good-frustrating.

    That people go after this guy is pretty mindboggling.

    • DuluozGray

      Lost had good elements that never went anywhere. Just like X-Files and a ton of other shows that have great ideas that never come together.

      Star Trek is awful, and Prometheus was beyond awful. Not just on an enjoyability level, but on a basic screenwriting level, that movie was a dismal failure of structure and imagination.

      • Circumvrent

        Prometheus is about as interesting as an Alien prequel could get.

        Prometheus has a (fairly unusual) screenwriters commentary track, With Lindelof and Spaight, recording separately, taking the occasional potshot at each other. Pretty amazing when the original writer keeps complaining about the lack of face huggers.

      • joeybot

        I basically stopped watching Lost after the second season, where it became clear the show was just going to keep playing the same damn card, over and over and over.

  • Lindelof is painfully unfunny on twitter, but he’s got some writing chops.

  • Pitt’s wife is the ‘sweater’ gal from ‘The Killing’.

    • DuluozGray

      Ah, another no name actress that gets picked to star in a high profile movie. Hollywood keeps churning these ladies out and grinding them up.

      • Eloi Wrath

        You seem like the kind of guy who literally grinds women up, know what I mean?

        • punkedup

          He wishes he could grind a woman up. But he sure does hate them, yes? And for such a manly man….

          • DuluozGray

            Yes, you’re both right! Why, how dare I point out how Hollywood uses actresses up and then discards them. I must hate women if I make such a basic observation about the industry.

            Show me one actress who lasted in high profile stuff beyond ten years and I’ll show you ten who never did shit after that.

            But you two dopes are the type of guys who get offended by guys talking about women’s looks. I feel sorry for the women in your lives, if you even have a woman. They must walk all over you, piss in your face, to which you reply “yes dear, more please.”

            I am so glad I am not a pussy faced weasel Liberal.

            • Raising_Kaned

              “Show me one actress who lasted in high profile stuff beyond ten years and I’ll show you ten who never did shit after that.”

              Jolie, Winslet, Blanchett, Roberts, Streep (30+ years now). And that’s just actresses in the modern era working in (mainly) American films.

              You owe me fifty names, bitch!

            • joeybot

              What does being a liberal have to do with suggesting you’re a serial killer/rapist?

  • MisterQuigley

    I’m up for the Finish Shine challenge, but I’m putting it off til Monday…

  • Three trailers and the CG still looks like shit.

  • theaterguy

    Does anyone have a copy of Straczynski’s script they can send me?

  • Re: The baffling love for Lindelof.

    “Did IQs just drop slightly while I was away?” – Ellen Ripley, ALIENS

  • Gabe_Toro

    Hahahaha, this movie’s going to be TERRIBLE.

    I don’t understand the random blind faith some movie buffs show towards filmmakers who have NEVER made a good movie. At this point, why would Marc Forster start now? He’s like a new Joel Schumacher, but with less sex or humor. Works in every genre, fucks them all up. He’s made a terrible Bond movie, he’s made the least-funny Will Ferrell comedy, he obliviously made a Rambo sequel with “Machine Gun Preacher.”

    It’s funny how some directors get a billion chances in this industry. I’m totally randomly bringing this up, but look at Forster’s previous films… if a minority or a woman directed any of them, you think they’d still be getting steady studio work afterwards?

    • DuluozGray

      At least Forster has some sense of style and composition. Quantum of Solace is by far Craig’s best Bond film and the best since Licence To Kill, which isn’t saying much considering how bad the Brosnan films were. And Quantum had MUCH better cinematography than Skyfall. Skyfall was absolute dreck, complete embarrassment for the franchise and for the Bond character.

      • Raising_Kaned

        Nobody in the WORLD remembers anything about QoS except for you (and, even then, I think there’s a pretty good chance that you’re just saying shit to say it).

      • joeybot

        Dude, you is smokin too much.

    • joeybot

      I agree on Forster, but Joel Schumacher made a bunch of good to great movies.

  • Damon Lindelof is like anti-Viagra for any script passing through his hands. What an overrated fool!

  • punkedup


    A thousand zombies run.


  • Boy, do I hate me some Lindelof. The *only* reason that World War Z might turn out decent is because of the source material.

    Anything that he’s written directly for the screen (Film or TV) has been pedestrian at best. He’s not doing the SF genre any favors.

    I don’t know about his writing chops but I bet you his reading chops are great.

  • I was excited to hear there was going to be a movie version of World War Z… until I saw the first trailer. My excitement was replaced with disappointment that yet another wonderful nuanced book was going to be turned in to just another fucking action movie. By the time we got to this third trailer, my disappointment has been replaced with complete and total apathy. I’m just wondering if Paramount and Plan B just took an already existing zombie script, slapped the name of the book on it and cribbed a couple scenes from it just to say “Look, it really is an adaptation! No, really!”