DreamWorks-Vaughn Version of Sperm-Donor Comedy

Yesterday afternoon I spoke with Ken Scott, director-writer of the French-language sperm-donor comedy Starbuck (Entertainment One, 3.22), and star Patrick Huard. I asked Scott about the genesis of the DreamWorks-produced remake, The Delivery Man, which he’s also directed and wrote and which stars Vince Vaughn in the Huard role. Touchstone will open The Delivery Man on 10.4.13.

(l.) Starbuck and Delivery Man director-writer Ken Scott; (r.) Starbuck star Patrick Huard.

Here‘s an mp3 containing Scott’s response, and here are excerpts: “We told DreamWorks — Stacey Snider, Steven Spielberg — that we felt we were ready to move forward and make the film, and not just have a development deal. For us ‘very fast’ would have meant shooting in the spring or summer of 2013, but things happened even faster than that. [And then] right away we got Vince Vaughn, he was ready to go so we shot the film in 2012 [i.e., last fall].

The Delivery Man, he said, is “the same story” as Starbuck “but a different film. I didn’t want to do it differently just for the sake of doing it differently. I wanted all the artists and actors in the movie to come from an authentic place. They’re not emulating something that has already been done. So it’s very difficult for me to say what the differences are.”

  • Is this a sequel to “The Babymakers?”

  • chien_clean

    Hopefully it won’t turn into the same screw up as the Diner for Schmucks translation. The first film “Diner de Con” was just great and the whole film had two people in it the whole time. You watch the Carell version and there’s a table of 25 weirdos and they completly missing the point and it’s so unfunny and crass and overblown.

  • I quite enjoyed Starbuck when I saw it a couple years ago. It’ll be interesting to see the English version. Vaughn doesn’t really have the sympathetic type presence that Huard has. Glad the film will not be a straight repeat.

  • MikeSchaeferSF

    Funny, when I first saw the trailer for Starbuck a month ago I thought “bet they do an American remake. Vince Vaughn would be perfect.” — had no idea it was already made.