Vampires Always Have Great Sex

I first saw and fell in love with Xan CassevetesZ Channel: A Magnificent Obsession at the 2004 Cannes Film Festival. And during that festival I got to know Xan a bit through F.X. Feeney, who talks a lot about the late Jerry Harvey in her doc. And then I noticed Xan get mouthy with IFC topper Jonathan Sehring at a Hotel du Cap party, and I remember saying to myself at that moment, “Uh-oh…temperamental.”

The next film Xan directed, a segment for New York, I Love You called “Allen Hughes,” came out five years later. And now, four years later, Magnet is preparing to release her latest, Kiss of the Damned, which looks to me like a rather typical sex-and-blood vampire film. It’s showing at South by Southwest, which begins this weekend. Pic will open on 5.3.13 after being available on iTunes/On Demand on 3.28.13. I’m hoping it won’t take her another six or seven years to deliver a feature-length film.

  • AHB

    I think you have it turned around a little bit. The poster says it comes out on iTunes on March 28 and in theaters on May 3rd. This raises the question, why release it in theaters when its out On Demand days earlier?

  • I must be the idiot here because i am getting nowhere with your new “system!”

  • berg

    having seen this film, I actually got into the groove of 70s kind of Fulci or Argento vibe that it appropriated

  • JBM…

    Ms. Cassavetes wrote the “Allen Hughes” segment of NEW YORK, I LOVE YOU. It was directed by…Allen Hughes.

  • freeek1

    In case you don’t know her: the actress in this flick is Josephine de la Baume and she might wery well be the most beautiful woman on Earth at this point in time. Period.