“We Lead A Nice Life”

Right now you can buy “Where Are We Now” from David Bowie‘s The Next Day (which streets on 3.12) but not “The Stars (Are Out Tonight).” The music video is so described by N.Y.Times profiler Simon Reynolds:

“In the video Mr. Bowie and Tilda Swinton play an elderly couple persecuted by a pair of vampiric stars, who stalk them, invade their house and manipulate them like marionettes. But the song itself is less literal. It portrays celebrities as members of an overlord class who ‘burn you with their radiant smiles‘ but also as faintly pitiable creatures, jealous of the quiet, grounded lives of ordinary folk. ‘But I hope they live forever,’ Mr. Bowie sings, a nod to the notion of fame as immortality, a compensation for all the damage and delusion that comes with the territory.”

  • JLC

    It’s also a nod to the “conspiracy” website that claims that Swinton and Bowie are the same person.

  • TimDG

    Wells only posted this because he likes the aspect ratio of the TV.

    Looks like James Woods’ research at the Quik E Mart paid off.

  • Ian

    You can stream the album in its entirety on iTunes right now. It’s fantastic, as expected.

  • Ian

    Also, the song in this video may be the weakest on the album.