Incredible Shrinking Bergman

Studio publicity guys used to shrink actresses in studio-issued glossies so they wouldn’t be taller than their male costars. Ingrid Bergman was around 5’10” and Humphrey Bogart was around 5’7″ or 5’8″. It looks as if Bergman’s feet were bigger than Bogart’s. She probably could have taken him in a wrestling match.

  • Cool shot. Love how they’re all kinda sorta in character. An even cooler shot would have Veidt, Greenstreet and Lorre in there, grinning.

  • Ingrid was one good lookin’ woman.

  • JLC

    Both IMDB and Wikipedia list Bergman at 5′ 9″. Bogart at 5′ 8″. So while she was taller than Bogart, it wasn’t so great that lifts or a mild crouch under that skirt couldn’t cover up the difference. (I know, you once stood next to Bergman during the press tour for Murder on the Orient Express and “you know what you know so don’t tell me!”)

    • Raising_Kaned

      At this point, I Know What I Know So Don’t You Tell Me has to be at least one of the strong frontrunners for Wells’ memoirs, no?

      Maybe throw “Hollywood Elsewhere” in there at the beginning with a colon, and call it a day.

  • How would you “shrink” Bergman when her arms are linked with her costars like that? Even with Photoshop that would be tricky to pull off… maybe there’s some optical-printing wizardry they could pull off but I don’t know what it would be. Her knees do seem pretty well-bent. JLC’s interpretation makes sense to me.

  • Raising_Kaned

    “She probably could have taken him in a wrestling match.”

    I’m sure he wouldn’t have objected too hard to an exhibition of that nature…

  • Carl LaFong

    Is it a coincidence that this still shows up on the same day that the Cinemark chain is showing Casablanca all over the country?

  • Mr. F.

    As the photographer said: “Psst! Ms. Bergman! Over here! The camera’s over here! No — to your left! No, not MY left, YOUR left! Hey! Please, Ms. Bergman!”