“Ooh, I Love To Dance A Little Sidestep!”

A 4.19.13 quote from George Stevens, Jr. has been posted on Bob Furmanek’s 3D Film Archive site. It’s part of an intro to a definitive Shane aspect-ratio piece that will be posted soon. Here it is: “Dad’s definite preference was to have his films screened the way he shot them and framed them. He simply accepted the tradeoff to have a bigger screen in the competitive release climate in 1953.”

And yet on 3.15 Stevens, Jr. wrote me the following in an email about the forthcoming Shane Bluray, which Stevens Jr. had helped prepare: “Given the choice of having a 1:37 version placed in the center of a horizontal television screen with bars on each side, or a carefully configured 1:66 to 1 version that filled the screen, I am confident George Stevens would subscribe to the latter.”

  • Sonny Hooper

    Now they see me, now they don’t.

  • Bob Furmanek

    We have uncovered some VERY interesting information which will be in the article, including the fact that George Stevens Sr. had an interest in widescreen as early as 1951, before shooting commenced on SHANE.

  • Monroe_Bouchet

    Shameful that only now do you consider Furmanek a true authority or ally, as you have consistently attacked and insulted him while he always took the high road and merely presented the facts.

    I respect your passion and acknowledge your influence on this limited topic, but quite honestly you are a bully and I worry that this outcome will only encourage your juvenile behavior.

    Here’s hoping you gain some self awareness moving forward, and I wish you much success.

    The outcome of this crusade, regardless of how you carried yourself, is a true victory for film lovers and benefits movie aficionados everywhere – however I do wish both versions would be made available.

    Good luck with your site and impending redesign.

    • Bob Furmanek

      Thank you. I wasn’t sure anybody had noticed!

  • Taller Than Rpatz

    Bob Furmanek is to Hollywood Elsewhere what Rush is to Rolling Stone.