Fruitvale Tragedy Hits Home

I’ve been hearing about Ryan Coogler‘s Fruitvale Station since last January’s Sundance Film festival, where it played through the roof. It did the same thing here tonight at the Cannes Film Festival, or more specifically at the Salle Debussy. It’s an awards-level steamroller, that’s for sure. Perhaps more on the level of critics group and Spirit Awards rather than Oscars due to limited box-office…but maybe not. Coogler, 26, has done himself proud, and cheers also to Michael B. Jordan for his vibrant and emotionally varied portrayal of the late Oscar Grant, who was aggressively if accidentally shot by a BART cop after a melee on New Year’s Eve. Cheers also to producers Forest Whitaker and Octavia Spencer.

Fruitvale Station director-writer Ryan Coogler, star Michael B. Jordan following 10:15 om screening, which ended with cheers and a standing ovation…all the love and warmth that the room had to offer & then some.

(l. to r.) Fruitvale costar Melanie Diaz, director-writer Ryan Coogler, star Michael B. Jordan, costars Octavia Spencer, Ahna O’ Reilly at Salle Debussy — Thursday, 5.26, 11:55 pm.

Spencer, Cooer and Jordan absorbing the cheers and applause.
  • Been a Michael B. Jordan fan for a while, good to see he’s in something with awards-caliber potential.

    Thanks for posting this vid. Never seen video from the immediate aftermath of a Cannes screening, never knew what the atmosphere was truly like.

  • Raising_Kaned

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  • So every Fruitvale piece I read reveals the main character dies – is this some universally accepted spoiler, or does the film make it clear early on?

    • taikwan

      Since this is non-fiction and is in the past, why the heck would anyone feel like this is a spoiler??

      • So you’re familiar with every event that has ever happened? This isn’t exactly Titanic or Apollo 13 here.

        • It as national news. The name of the film is the name of the station where the event happened. This movie explores the life of Oscar Grant before we ever heard his name.

  • Would’ve loved to see Jordan’s reaction if Wells had mentioned that he hasn’t seen THE WIRE or FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS. Priceless.

  • Trimmer

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