“Gotta Go, Gotta Go, Gotta Go!”

Trailer #2 for Roland Emmerich‘s White House Down (Sony, 6.28) offers a greater emphasis on characters (principally Channing Tatum‘s Jone Cale, a D.C. cop of some kind, and Jamie Foxx‘s James Sawyer, the U.S. President) and humor. You can’t beat that shot of the U.S. Capitol exploding from within and collapsing. As Burt Reynolds‘ character says at the start of the Deliverance canoe trip, “This gonna be fun!”

  • hickoryduck

    This looks like the same sort of action schlock you routinely scathe every day. Why is this one special?

    • geha714

      Because it has Jamie Foxx as the President shooting a rocket launcher from the top of his limo while Channing Tatum is driving. Your argument is invalid.

      • Jamie Foxx as the president, bad casting.

  • So this is really “Die Hard 4” (Let’s just say the other 2 movies after DH3 don’t exist) right down to ChanTates wearing his “John McClane” t-shirt. This is probably good for my matinee money.

  • Sally Duck

    Roland Emmerich has a perfect record of creating relentlessly stupid films, offensive to anyone who values reason, coherence and humanity. His movies are always better when watched in the German language, without subtitles, which at least allows non-Germans to pretend that the special effects aren’t saturated with dialogue written by a sanctimonious cretin. So naturally this is the summer movie you’ve embraced as being worthwhile.

    • Raising_Kaned

      Anonymous was actually sort of a decent little flick, although not many people saw it, and I’ll always have a soft spot in my heart for Stargate — which doesn’t strike me as either “relentlessly stupid,” or “offensive” (although I certainly wouldn’t argue with “awfully silly,” or “highly derivative”). I will say this much: any film that finds room to cast Jaye Davidson as an androgynous alien being that cheekily references his iconic transvestite role in The Crying Game will always be OK in my book.

      These are most definitely exceptions to the rule, though.

  • JBM…

    Sorry, but…


  • Wait a minute—all the big-budget Hollywood product you shit on, and THIS ONE is cool? I mean, it could be fun, but Man, you are a riddle wrapped in an enigma smothered in secret sauce.

  • zantetsupowaa

    So is Uwe Boll just Roland Emmerich’s pseudonym?