• Vitti’s character is the only central one who retains anything like a shred of human decency throughout the film. The fact that she falls for that puffed-up mediocrity Sandro speaks more about women’s condition in that period than anything else. You guys are BOTH on something.

    I do like the casual misogyny of the exchange—”put you off women for life,” I’m sure the women of the world are dreading the potential loss. “Monica Vitti, whatabitch, amirite?” “Yeah, but she’s hot.” Way to wallow in your male privilege, fellows. You make Lex look like Ti-Grace Atkinson.

    For a minute I was worried that Marsh was the director, but thankfully, no.

    • Raising_Kaned

      The “male privilege” of…commenting on someone’s attraction level to another human being portrayed in a visual medium? C’est ce que vous (see, I speak Kenny-ese…)?

      Your point is generally well-taken and stuff…and I feel like Antonioni’s general attitude toward females — or people in general, really — can compound these reactions. But you do realize that one of the more “Eloi” pleasures of cinema is sitting back and voyeuristically observing a member of your preferred sex onscreen, right?

      I mean — you’re a critic, so I’m obviously sure you realize and accept this. But sometimes I really have trouble understanding where you’re coming from on posts like this. I don’t know who the fuck James Marsh is — nor do I care — but I think the dude was just trying to express his gut reaction to an older film in an frank, relatable, and (arguably) amusing way.

      Honestly? As fans of the medium, we’re lucky that people are still rewatching the classics and keeping an open dialogue running about them these days (even if it’s coming from a silly or even ultimately shallow place). That’s the only way this stuff lives on beyond our own lifespans.

    • Who are Lex and Ti-Grace Atkinson?

  • Mike

    I may be tilting at windmills here, given that you’ve posted cellphone pictures of TV screens in the past, but you know you can embed tweets? You don’t have to take a screenshot.

  • Mechanical Shark

    I haven’t seen L’Avventura (should probably get on that), but me, personally, I don’t find women with unattractive personalities attractive at all, no matter how pretty they look. Ideally I would like to be involved with a woman with good looks and a great personality, but I’m willing to be content with one with the personality, if that’s how things shake out.

    *cue hormone driven excoriation by Not-LexG*

  • I wonder if it would even be possible to list all the movies that could put women off of men forever…