Swim With Fishes

According to a 6.20 story by The Hollywood Reporter‘s Borys Kit, Anne Hathaway will produce and star in an open-seas survival drama called The Lifeboat, an adaptation of Charlotte Rogan’s novel of the same name. Hathaway will play a refugee from a sunken luxury liner. She faces murder charges after being picked up because, as Kit writes, she and her husband determine that the lifeboat they’re on “has too many people, meaning [that] some folks have got to go.” This is similar to the plot of Abandon Ship!, a 1957 film in which Tyrone Power played a ship’s captain who made the same call about an over-crowded lifeboat. The Wiki page claims that a voiceover at the end of the film states that the real-life captain “was brought to trial on a charge of murder.”

  • joeybot

    Abandon Ship is a great movie.

    • Patrick Murtha

      It truly is. In fact, I think it is one of the few movies ever to best a Hitchcock film (“Lifeboat”) on its home ground. Writer-director Richard Sale was only 45 when this movie came out, yet he never got to direct another feature, which seems a waste. “Abandon Ship!” is both a harrowing adventure tale, and one of the best thrillers about ethics. You could easily show it in a philosophy class.

      • joeybot

        It stuck with me so well that I had seen it on TMC but didn’t know the name of the movie or who was the star, and years later i was trying to find out what it was.

  • Brian Bouton

    “In the Heart of the Sea” promises to be a far more exciting true tale of survival: http://www.deadline.com/2013/06/cillian-murphy-boards-in-the-heart-of-the-sea/

    I can’t wait to see the CGI for the enraged sperm whale attack.

    • pam

      Brian, I am not a fan of Ron Howard’s directing. He is mostly lukewarm , and he rarely knows how to maintain a good film from beginning to end.

      • Brian Bouton

        Huh. I didn’t know Howard was the director. Oh well, maybe it will be good.

  • Mr Bohemian

    Martin Sheen did it as The Last Survivors a tv movie of the week in 1975 it was an ok film that also had Steve Franken in it