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Does it bother anyone, at least a little bit, that when Warren Beatty co-starred wth Elizabeth Taylor in George StevensThe Only Game in Town (’69) his character was called Joe Grady, and when he starred in The Parallax View five years later his character was called Joe Frady? Stevens’ final film, written by Frank (father of Tony) Gilroy, was a critical and commercial dud. It’s talky, flat, dull as dishwater. It was so inert and unfulfilling, in fact, that Stevens’ son, George Stevens, Jr., didn’t even mention it in his documentary, George Stevens: A Filmmaker’s Journey. The limited edition Game Bluray is out via Twilight Time.

  • Dakkar


    • Your comment is less fulfilling than The Only Game in Town.

      • Dakkar

        It wasn’t a comment, it was a concise answer to the question you posed. It’s an interesting coincidence, that’s all. I’ll gladly rescind it if one poster comes back saying this gave them an epiphany of any kind.

  • No, because it was FORTY FOUR YEARS AGO.

  • zantetsupowaa

    Ironic header, considering the news today. R.I.P. James Gandolfini.

  • Ira Parks


    Wells riffing on ONLY GAME IN TOWN with that West L.A. propriety and remove. Reminds me to dust off ISHTAR ON VHS POWER. Adjani in THE TAR is THE PERFECT WOMAN.

    @PeterAvellino, Joe Leydon, Ira Parks tweet…

    @LexG No argument there.


    Who’s Adjani?


    Never you mind, Sanj. Does the Aussie from Real World London have a DP/30?


    yep yep. here goes.

    (Link to a DP/30)



  • Raising_Kaned

    Anyone else absolutely cringing at the potential HE content of the upcoming obit for Gandolfini?

    But, for now: R.I.P.

    • George Prager

      Yes. R.I.P. I could do a Wells parody post, but I have to go buy a burrito.

    • Actually

      It’ll be awful indeed.

      Shame, because Wells COULD write a great obit about the man, but instead we all know what he’ll say.

      • Noiresque

        Wells was a massive fan of him and wrote several posts on God of Carnage; Even if Jeff is on a health kick, I hope he’ll focus on JG’s greatest and historical impact… and not, well, *that*.

    • arisp

      Wells -what are you doing right now? Where’s the Gandolfini post? Wakey wakey eggs and bakey.

  • George Prager

    They should’ve done a two-fer with KALEIDOSCOPE.

    • Joe Leydon

      Actually, Kaleidoscope has been available on DVD from Warner Archive fro quite some time. (I own a copy.) But not on Blu-Ray, alas.

      • George Prager

        Someone needs to corral these lesser Beattys in a box set. I see that Promise Her Anything is available on Amazon streaming, but that’s not good enough.

  • berg

    Mickey One

  • Joe Leydon

    Isn’t this the one they shot in Paris — not Vegas — because Richard Burton was shooting another movie there at the time? (BTW: I actually saw it back in the day during its original theatrical release — and as I recall, it wasn’t THAT bad.)

  • Mr Bohemian

    Where the hell is Boom!, the John Waters edition. That is one movie that deserves to on disc for the cast alone, Liz and Dick and Noel Coward based on a The Milk Train Doesn’t Stop Here Anymore from Tennessee Williams. 60’s movies don’t get any better than that.