Beautiful Naked Girls

Michael Winterbottom‘s The Look of Love (IFC Films, 7.5), which I saw at last January’s Sundance Film Festival, is an almost entirely flat thing to sit through, enlivened only by Steve Coogan‘s droll (if one-note) performance as British adult magazine and sex-biz entrepeneur Paul Raymond. An impressive recreation of ’60s and ’70s scenes, styles and mores, it’s a film that basically says that (a) erotic indulgence has its downside, (b) cocaine tends to fuck your life up and (c) it’s not a good idea to treat your daughter like a fellow bacchanalian. Fascinating! It’s reasonably well done but there’s simply not enough good material here for a real film, and what little Matt Greenhaigh‘s screenplay contains is presented by Winterbottom in a rote, almost ho-hum fashion.

  • David Slovakia

    Jeff, how many sex scenes are there in this movie?

    • None, really. Nudity galore, but nobody moans and screams while slamming ham. Or at least, not that I recall.

  • Gabe_Toro

    I was kind of touched by this. Because, on one level, it’s a bargain-basement look of a capitalist sleazebag sex fiend who thinks he’s clever because he quotes Wilde. On another level, it’s about how he balances this side of himself with his love for his daughter, and the assumption that he can somehow find room in his life for both. Kind of an unusual but very real-life sensibility, like a functioning alcoholic, and the sort of thing I think many parents can relate to. How many people have kids and think they can keep on living the way they always been, and pretend that “parenting” is just another facet of themselves they can grow, like a third arm.