“I Tried To Help You…”

I’ve been watching the original widescreen version of Elia Kazan‘s East of Eden (1955) since it came out on laser disc in…what was it, ’98 or thereabouts? The reasons I re-watch it every two or three years are (a) the performances — not just James Dean‘s but those from Julie Harris, Jo Van Fleet, Raymond Massey, Albert Dekker and Burl Ives, (b) Leonard Rosenman‘s furious, cymbal-crashing score, and (c) the scene in which Dean and Van Fleet trade observations about their similar natures and about what a prig Massey is and was, and (d) Dean and Harris’s ferris-wheel kissing scene. The Bluray…I don’t know when the Bluray comes out but probably sometime by mid-October.

  • Edward

    Julie Harris is so great in this. Great film, they don’t make them like this anymore.

  • MarkVH

    Still my favorite of Dean’s three films. And yeah, Julie Harris is heartbreaking in this.

  • lazarus

    Kept waiting for the part where Jeff suggests the film would look better cropped to 1.66.

    • I believe that “East of Eden” was shot in 2.55 to 1, or an aspect ratio that was similar to FoxScope.

  • Nigel_Bruce_Fan

    Do I only think this movie kinda sucks because I read the book first? It’s just strange to think of someone reading it & deciding to make it about Caleb, and getting James Dean (or did they make it about Caleb to make it into a Dean vehicle?) Normally I can put the book aside when I watch a movie, but it just feels so unsubatantive

    • Nigel_Bruce_Fan

      Further, If I wasn’t really curious about people’s thoughts, I’d have never logged in with this twitter. Merging accounts is taking the fun out of the internet, I’ll have to remember what my HE or Disqus account was

  • brenkilco

    Perfectly fine. Ditto Rebel. But Giant, coming out on blu at the same time is better than both. Watching Dean age thirty years is a stitch. The evident fun he got out of his own methody weirdness is contagious and the picture is visually magnificent.