Son of Starbuck

Ken Scott‘s Starbuck (’11) has seemingly been Hollywood-ized and Vince Vaughn-icized, but with Scott directing. As I recall Patrick Huard‘s “David” picked up a lot of money over several months due to prodigious donation. But in the Vaughn version a sperm-bank “mixup” results in 533 women being fertilized. Even if you’re talking…what, half a syringe or one-third of a shot glass per woman, wouldn’t several pints if not quarts be necessary to impregnate 535? Sorry, but these questions have to be raised. The Delivery Man opens on the 50th anniversary of the assassinaton of President John Kennedy.

  • MovieSquad

    This seems like the pitch for a TV show more than a movie. Plus, Vince Vaughn is so close to be relegated to TV, we might as well just consider this the pilot. He can visit one kid a week and there will be a total of 535 episodes prior to cancellation.

    • Perfect Tommy

      No way there would be more than 13 episodes. (Only five would play on the network, but you might get to see all 13 on Hulu.)

    • Walter Hollmann

      That would be about 22 seasons, wouldn’t it? Pretty good run. Good idea.

      • MovieSquad

        After it is over, he can play the old, crazy guy on a reboot of Community.

  • Ray Quick

    Vaughn = funniest man alive.

    • He’s very funny … but he doesn’t look particularly funny in this. Mostly just “inspirational.”

  • Phat Abbot

    Any time Jeff says “Sorry but,” you can dismiss the rest of the post. He knows it’s only him.

  • DukeSavoy

    The volumetric permutations of gland shots have never entered my consciousness quite like that before. Another HE treasure.

  • Raising_Kaned

    Who the fuck’s bright idea was it to open this on Thanksgiving, when all you want to think about is ESCAPING your family — not learning that you have 500+ members that you never knew of before now?

    Bomb city.

  • It looks decent. The original was really well done. I’ll give this a whirl, only because it’s the same director.

  • Brian Bouton

    “A Shotglass of Jizz” is a better working title.

  • nagboy92

    This is like Burt Reynolds Paternity meets every Touchstone comedy ever. I’ll be there opening day.